Anastasia Beverly Hills vs NYX

For the two years I’ve been using it, I’ve been committed to my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in Medium Brown. I personally can justify paying the £15 odd price tag for it because my first pot lasted me over a year (probably not healthy, but still, it was as good as new). £15 a year for foolproof eyebrows is something I can live with. Having said this, I have to remember that I am a student and perhaps I should act like one sometimes. And there began my quest to find a cheaper alternative.

In the UK, Boots have started to introduce NYX into their stores, and about time in my opinion since it has been on the website for so long! Pomade’s are still rare in the drugstore and on the high street, which I find is quite curious since the ABH dipbrow has been so globally popular. Alas, I found one at the NYX counter. They didn’t have quite the range of colours that ABH does, but the basics are covered and would suit every hair colour.

One thing I noticed straight away from the tester was the size of the pot. It was VERY deceiving to me, as I thought there was way less product than what you get in the ABH pomade. In faaaact, the NYX pomade has MORE in it than the ABH one.

NYX Tame & Frame, £5.50 for 5 grams of product

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, £15 for 4 grams of product

 So as you can see, you get less (not way less, but still) for your money with the ABH dipbrow. The question we all want to know is whether the formulas are similar. And the answer is yes! The brunette Tame & Frame on me is slightly lighter than the Medium Brown pomade, but I was looking for a lighter shade anyway since I lightened my hair colour. The application was exactly the same, but if I had to say I noticed anything it would probably be that the NYX one was smoother. This made it easier to coat the brush however it makes me think it may not have been as pigmented this way. In either case I wet my brush beforehand so it isn’t a huge problem for me. 

Left: ABH; Right: NYX

Does this mean I won’t be buying the ABH one again? Probably not. It has never failed me and yes, the NYX one is very similar, but as I said in the beginning, I don’t mind spending £15 for this luxury brand once a year. I’ll definitely use up my Tame & Frame as it is a decent pomade so it definitely won’t be going to waste. Who knows, after a few more uses it might become a fave. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative however, the NYX Tame & Frame pomade will see you through and at £5.50, you can’t complain!

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


5 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills vs NYX

  1. Love your review! I also tried NYX brow wiz since so many people were saying it was a dupe for ABH. I really like it but it doesn’t mean the softness of the formula and the NYX spooley tugs more on the brows. It is a nice dupe but it doesn’t beat ABH in my opinion!


    • aww no! I think nyx have been so popular in boots with them just being introduced into stores, the first time I went there was literally nothing and even now the matte lip creams are sold out!


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