DIY Summer Inspired Nails

Todays post is all about how I got these lovely summer inspired nails. Here in Edinburgh we have been having the most delightful sunny weather (which I don’t want to talk too much about in case I jinx it) and these nails complement the feeling of happiness that’s buzzing around the city at the moment. Plus, who doesn’t love a bright orange?

The products I used for this look were:

  • A good base coat (I always use Barry M Base Coat Top Coat and Nail Hardener, it does the job)
  • Bright neon orange nail polish
  • Plum/magenta nail polish
  • Sellotape pieces x 10
  • Patience!

1.Firstly, you want to coat your nails with the base coat, followed by a layer of the bright orange. This Rimmel 60 seconds one surprised me with how well it performed, it was opaque, dried fast (unsurprisingly because of the name) and applied smoothly. Definitely recommend after picking it up on a whim!

Rimmel 60 seconds in One Last Tango, £2.99

2. This is the important bit: LET IT DRY COMPLETELY. I learned this the hard way when I did this look on my right hand. I thought the polish was completely dry, but when i came to remove the sellotape I brought off half the orange nail polish.. I’d say wait around 10 minutes until going ahead with the next step if you can wait that long!

3. When you’re sure  the orange colour is completely dry, place your sellotape pieces across your nail horizontally (or switch it up and go diagonal, vertical) covering the orange you’ve just put down. Be careful not to press to hard on this but hard enough to get a sharp line.

4. Go ahead and put your purple colour on top! This one is a cult classic – Essie Bahama Mama, which I love the colour of but not too keen on the formula. It worked perfectly fine with the opaque orange on the bottom however.

Essie Nail Laquer in Bahama Mama, £7.99

5. Wait to dry and then voila – remove the sellotape, put a top coat on and there you have lovely bright summery nails.

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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