MAC Lipstick Collection

I’d like to think I have an average amount of Mac lipsticks, but as I think everyone can relate to, there are some that just don’t get as much love as the others.. In today’s post I’m going to go through my collection and  tell you some of my favourites as well as some that might not have been the best choice for me to buy!

Firstly, lets start with my first ever Mac lipstick: Honey Love. I wanted to start off with a nude, and the assistant helped me pick out this one. When I got it home and opened  it up I wasn’t so sure, there was something about it that didn’t really look right against my skin tone. It is a very beige-brown nude, and I typically prefer a pink-nude, but since then I’ve grown to love it and it has become one of my most used, especially for going out. It’s also a Matte, and I must point out that the mattes are not drying whatsoever on my lips.

Secondly, my all time favourite out of the bunch – Brave. Brave was also one of the first few lipsticks I owned from Mac, and it has always been a frontrunner for my heart. Its the perfect nude pink, so easy to wear during the day. It’s also a Satin which I love. I’m sure this will be the first bullet to run out and when it does, I will absolutely be buying another.

Another nude, but this time darker – Twig. I love this one too, it’s like Brave’s slightly darker relative. If it was between this and Brave, I’d reach more for Brave, especially in the summertime because it is lighter, but Twig is so beautiful and it gets its fair share of use. It like Brave, is a Satin.

Similar to Twig, we have Captive. This one is like the more purple toned version of Twig, also a Satin and lovely when you want to add a subtle pop of colour to the face. It’s not too bright but it still makes an impact, if that makes any sense.

Plumful. I wanted this lipstick after EssieButton recommended it, although it’s not one that I would automatically pick out for myself. It’s a Lustre, so it’s more balmy and glossy than the others and I prefer a Satin or a Matte, but nonetheless I love it. I’d say that you only need either Captive or Plumful, depending on the finish you prefer. They are both in the same colour family so it’s just what you prefer.

Next is a Frost, and it’s another one of my FAVOURITES. This one is called Plum Dandy. I knew as soon as I got this lipstick that I needed more Frost’s. At first I was skeptical about picking this one up because it was metallic and at the time it wasn’t as huge a trend as it is becoming now, but I got it anyway and I am so glad I did.

Verve. This one I love too, not that I don’t love them all. This one is more of a brown, and is also a Satin. This is a great example of one I don’t wear enough.. But I just can’t figure out when the right time is to wear it!

Now onto the brights. First, Tropic Tonic. This is a very bright, matte true coral. I LOVE this colour. I think it definitely looks better under a lip liner because it can come off a bit patchy, but nonetheless it’s stunning especially for summer. It’s completely unique compared to every other lipstick in my collection, and it has made me realise my love for orange lipsticks.

Chili. I was looking for a terracotta red/orange, and this was a perfect colour. I don’t tend to wear a lot of reds, but if I was I’d reach for a twist on a classic red like this one and it is matte which is what I love about it as well.

Full Fuschia. I do like this colour but I don’t like the formula. It’s an Amplified and its too shiny for me. If I wear a bright, I think I prefer for it to be matte. I have a Topshop one that I reach for over this one.

I also have a Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Tailored to Tease. This colour is to die for, and most importantly it is a matte. I must say, I’m not too keen on the feel of this on my lips, it is incredibly drying (which I had expected) so it makes my lips feel funny when I rub them together. It does transfer when I eat, but you have to expect that with any lipstick so it’s not really a factor I consider. I don’t think I’d get another one of these, as having tried the Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks, they feel much better on the lips and they’re half the price. To be honest, this was the only colour I desperately wanted out of the Liquid Lipcolours anyway and I’m glad I got it.

D is for Danger. I love this one so much. It’s a matte so it looks great on the lips. Originally in the shop I thought it was a red, but after wearing it since it looks so much more pink on the lips. Typical me, go in to get a red and come out with a pink. Even so, it’s definitely one of my favourites.

The next three are all similar colours. Firstly, Dark Side. This is an amplified again, not one of my favourite formulas but in this colour I think it looks so much better than in a brighter one. It gives your lips that bitten colour and you can really layer it up to a dark red or a lighter layer which gives a nice flush of colour.

Next is the matte version of Dark Side, Sin. The well known combo of Nightmoth liner and Sin is such a devine pairing and this is how i normally wear this one. It is a deep red with a slight hint of purple.

Finally we have the Ariana Grande Viva Glam. I haven’t wore this colour as much as I intended to, but I think that the reason is because of the time of year it was released, just coming into Spring. I’ll definitely get my use out of it in the upcoming winter. It’s basically Nightmoth in a lipstick, which I had been searching for for ages.

And that’s all! Let me know if there are any other Frost’s you recommend, as I really want more, and if there are any more nude-pinks you think are must haves!

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo



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