What’s in my Z-Palette..

I love my z-palette and I’m so excited to fill it up with some wonderful Makeup Geek eyeshadows. Shopping on Beauty Bay has made it so easy to get Makeup Geek eyeshadows and they are so worth the hype. I literally want all of them. The duochrome ones are my fave, I can’t believe that they’re the same price as the regular shadows. My z-palette is in the size large, which i think is a perfect size as you can get plenty of shadows inside and it’s not too bulky to travel with. Plus it’s extra pretty because it’s lilac. I also got this on Beauty Bay and it was £15.95. The normal eyeshadow pans and the duochrome eyeshadows retail for £5.95 and the foiled eyeshadow pans retail for £7.95.


And now on to the eyeshadows! Firstly we have a duochrome, called Phantom. To be honest, I expected this to be more white than it turned out as it is in fact a really light lilac. This was a second choice as I intended to get Voltage, however it was out of stock and I really wanted alight duochrome colour to put in my inner corner. I still love it though and I would have ended up getting it in the end.


Second we have Starry Eyed, which is a beautiful foiled eyeshadow which really is immensely pigmented. I’ve used quite a lot of this so far because I love using it in the inner corner, and it is a foiled shadow so it’s even more shimmery.


Blacklight is another duochrome eyeshadow but I think it’s a really strange name because it isn’t even close to being black. It’s in fact a really lovely lilac with blue flecs in it so it really catches in the light.


Next we have the matte version of Blacklight, which is called Fairytale. I love the name of this one, it’s so cute and it matches the colour unlike the previous shade. Like you might imagine, it is literally Blacklight in matte form and without the blue iridescence to it. Would definitely recommend the pairing of both Fairytale and Blacklight together.


One of my favourites is this next one, Prom Night. Its the perfect taupe colour but it has a shimmer to it which I think it’s nicer especially in the summer. There’s not much to say other than you need this. 


The next shadow is another duochrome and it was one I was really excited to get because it looked stunning in swatches. This is Havoc, and to be honest I was ever so slightly disappointed. I thought it was going to have a more intense iridescence to it however it is mainly brown, with a slight hint of green. Too much brown, not enough green for my liking however I still recommend all of the duochromes.


Dirty Martini is one of those shades that just strike me as something so unique. It’s basically khaki, ever so slightly more on the green side. I really love it but I find it kind of difficult to pair with other shadows.


Another duochrome, this time Secret Garden. This was the first duochrome shadow I tried and it’s still one of my favourites. It’s a shimmery teal colour which looks beautiful on the eyes and it really compliments any eye colour.


Boo Berry is probably the one Makeup Geek shadow I really wish I hadn’t bought. Its a bright cobalt matte blue and its so pigmented but just so hard to wear. I have no idea how I could make it work on my lids at all. Inspiration is needed.


Now onto the warmer shades, and firstly another one of my favourites, which I didn’t expect to love as much as I do. Cosmopolitan is kind of a peach/pink/copper hybrid with a golden sheen to it and it is so versatile. I love pairing it with some eyeshadows I’m about to talk about, Bitten and Cocoa Bear.


Next is another foiled shadow, and another one of my favourites because it is so unique again. This one is called Fortune Teller and I totally get the name with this one. Its a STU-nning shimmering yellow which changes colour depending on the blending shades you use. It can either stay true to its colour in the pan or it can end up being a more chartreuse. Another must have in my opinion.


Swiftly followed up with another foiled shadow called Flame Thrower. This is another stunning shade. I can’t get over how pigmented these foiled shadows are.


Morocco is the second of my Makeup Geek shadows which I ever so slightly regret. In fact, I lied. I don’t regret this shadow, it just requires a little more of a gentle touch because it is so pigmented, which is never a bad thing. It’s still a lovely bright orange red.


Bitten is one of my favourites to put through the crease just to add something different. I love it paired with Cosmopolitan like I mentioned because it really brings out the warmth in the shadow. I’ve never had a matte burgundy before but I don’t know why, it’s really handy!


Cocoa Bear is an essential Makeup Geek shadow for anyone. I find it light enough to put through the crease as a transition shade, but also dark enough to give some definition to the outer v. It’s just a perfect warm brown shade.


The next is one of the first shadows I got, called Brown Sugar. I wanted a brown however I didn’t notice it had a shimmer to it so it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I don’t reach for this at all really, however it is a darker shimmery version of Cocoa Bear.


And finally, it’s only right to finish on another duochrome since they are my fave. This one is called Steampunk. I think this is my go-to for when I want to create a brown smokey eye because it’s just slightly more interesting than a plain matte brown smokey eye. This will definitely be what I reach for when I go out.

Finally we have come to the end.. I hope you enjoyed and please do tell me if there’s any more you think I have to try. I’ll definitely be collecting as many Makeup Geek shadows as I can in the future.. (hurry up payday)

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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