June Favourites 2016

So July is creeping in and we’re well and truly past the halfway mark  of the year, which is unbelievable.. But with the end of the month comes the time to reflect on the best makeup and beauty bits of the month. I’ve been looking forward to doing my first favourites since starting this blog and I’m glad I can finally rave about some of the things that have really impressed me this month.

Firstly, I must mention the Sleek Highlighter Palette in Solstice. Although I have only recently reviewed this product, I’ve used it every day since and I love to mix up the colour I use with every makeup look. My most used has to be the bottom right, the shimmering gold, closely followed by the one above, the really light shimmery pink/white. If you can get your hands on it, definitely get one as it’s so amazing!

Secondly one of my favourites is the new Loreal Miss Hippie mascara. For a long time I’ve been a dedicated lover of the Miss Manga mascara, and more recently been using the Dior Show mascara. Ever since I purchased this however, they haven’t got a look in. I posted an Instagram picture of the difference it made to my lashes and it was amazing. Unlike the majority of mascara’s I find, I didn’t need to wait 2/3 weeks til it had dried out a bit til it really got to working it’s magic, which is a big plus. I definitely recommend this one, plus it’s on introductory offers in Superdrug and Boots so be quick and save some money!

Next I have a lipstick that I only recently got, which is Mac’s Fabby. I love this shade – not only because it is a Frost, which is my favourite formula of Mac’s – but I love the light pink and golden shimmer combination. It’s just a perfect summery take on a subtle nude pink lip and it’s so versatile. I wear it almost everyday without a lipliner because it is that easy to apply!

My final makeup favourite of June is one which has been a favourite for over June and May, which is the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. As soon as I saw this palette I knew I had to have it and would near enough cry if I didn’t get one. Tell me something is peach and limited edition and I need to have one – aka story of my life. I can honestly say I’ve used this palette everyday and probably will until I can find another palette like it. It’s such a varied palette that there are so many options, and not to mention the transition and crease shades are top notch.

I have to include this brush into my favourites for this month because it has been a game changer. The Morphe 510, which I use for highlighter has really been a godsend. I had been using the Zoeva fan brush to apply my highlight, which I liked for the tops of the cheek but when it came to the nose and cupid’s bow, it didn’t work as well. With this brush it gives me the intense finish I’m after, with more control when highlighting the bridge of my nose etc. Basically this brush has made me look even more glowy, and that’s never a bad thing.

A lifesaver for me recently is the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask. I’ve felt my hair to be really dry and frizzy the past two months and it needed some loving. I’ve got so many of the little tubes of the Reincarnation Mask from many boxes of bleach and toners, and it’s so handy when my hair feels like this. 5 minutes in the shower and voila, silky smooth hair that isn’t frizzy.

My food favourite this month has been cereal. I’ve been obsessed with having cereal not just for breakfast, but lunch and sometimes dinner. I know living off cereal can’t be too healthy for you, but it’s just so goddamn tasty and I can’t get enough. Seriously, the cereal isle is my fave when I’m food shopping now.

My final favourite, which is a bit of a random one, has been my FitBit. I got this in January and I’ve loved it ever since, but this month I’ve been really conscious of meeting my step goals and calorie burning goals. I have the FitBit Charge, and I wish I’d got the Charge HR so that it would be a little bit more accurate, but it doesn’t bother me too much. At the minute I feel like I really need to get back on to the fitness bandwagon so it’s good to have a reminder sitting on my arm and a goal to achieve every day.

And that’s all for my June Favourites! I’m excited to see what next month brings.

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


6 thoughts on “June Favourites 2016

  1. I really want the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette myself! Have you got a review on it? And the Solstice palette looks divine. Need to get my hands on it asap! ❤

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