Mini Boots Haul!

I love to have a wander around Boots and Superdrug every so often just to see what’s new and what the offers are. This time I specifically went in to get some new nail polish colours because I fancied some neutrals. As we all know though, you can’t go into Boots for one thing and only come out with that one thing.. So here is the outcome of that trip!

Firstly, I’m throwing things back to when I first started to wear makeup and my holy grail eyeliner from that time. This is the Collection pen eyeliner in Black, which is £2.99. I loved this eyeliner and it was so worth the money so I wanted to give it another go. I’ve been trying to get back into pen eyeliners as for nearly a year I’ve been using liquid eyeliner. My only problem with liquid eyeliner is the black gunk that gathers in the inner corner of your eye, or it smudges all around the inner corner, and it’s happened with every one I’ve tried. Pen eyeliners don’t seem to do that as much, but please, if you have any suggestions for a good liquid liner don’t hesitate to tell me!

Next I got my hair dye, which I talked more about in my ‘Dyeing my Hair’ post, but this time I got the Bleach London Total Bleach and White Toner with a L’Oreal Paris Excellence dye in Natural Frosted Beige Blonde. It was 3 for 2 on all hair care/dye so I thought why not, and I got it for £14 rather than £21.

I also had to pick up some hand cream because work has not been kind to me and my hands are so dry (as well as my feet). I didn’t chose this Dove one for any particular reason other than it was on offer. It smells nice though and hopefully it’ll solve the problem areas..

The nail polish I got is from Essie, and it was buy 1 get the 2nd half price, so ofcourse I got two, one in the colour Cocktail Bling, which is a combination of lilac, baby blue and grey and I can’t fathom which one it is, and Master Plan which is a neutral beige shade. These are £7.99 each normally.

Finally I was in Superdrug and wanted to get something from the brand Revolution because I see so much hype around it. I chose the Ultra Contour palette, which has 8 shades and was £8 (£8!!). Plus it was the last one there so I kind of had to.. I’m excited to play around with this and maybe I’ll do a review on how it works out for me.

And that concludes this short and sweet mini haul. Now I’m going to have to stop myself from going in any time soon or I will be totally skint! One thing I did notice this time was that the Sleek Solstice highlighting palettes were sold out everywhere.. I hope you managed to get your hands on one!

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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