Summer Fashion Haul

I haven’t bought clothes in a long time, which is odd for me.. But to be honest, every time I’ve wandered into a clothes shop I haven’t really found anything I really liked, which I guess shows that I prefer online shopping than actual human contact in a shop. Recently all my money has been going to new makeup, but with summer events coming up I feel that I really need to get some new stuff to wear and to go with bits and bobs I’ve collected over the past few months! I headed over to Missguided and ASOS and found some pieces I liked. I could have spent so much more, but I restricted myself to these 6 items.

From ASOS, I got 4 things. Firstly I want to talk about this cute little cami, which looks very festival inspired. I love the embroidery that’s on it and the colours they used, as well as the tassle details around the bottom. It’s from a brand on ASOS called Young Bohemians and it was £19.99, which I thought was reasonable. The straps are stretchy and I like how thin they are, it really adds to the style of the top. I do wish I got a size up because it is quite tight around the boob area (story of my life).

Secondly I got this pyjama shirt style top, which was on sale. I’ve been searching for a pyjame style shirt for a while now, because they look so effortless but still chic, and I did see a grey colour block satin one on the ASOS website, but it was £35 and grey in warm weather just doesn’t mix well so I opted for this one, which was £16 and ASOS own brand. I like it on, it’s generously sized so it’s really comfortable to move in and it’s a thicker material than straight up chiffon, so it’s not as sheer.

I wasn’t looking to buy a new pair of shoes, but when I saw these I had to get them because I hadn’t seen anything like them before. They were from the brand Glamorous, and were £19.99 once again. How pretty are these though? I love the detail on the toe and I love how they are pointed rather than a rounded toe. I got a size 6 which is my usual size, but they do feel just a tad big, which I don’t mind so much on a pointed toe because it means my toes won’t get squished!

Now onto the final piece from ASOS and they are definitely my favourite purchase. These are sunglasses from Quay Australia, and they were on sale for £12. I love mirrored sunglasses and even more so this summer with the coloured lenses. These ones stood out to me immediately because they were a rounded cat eye, the type of glasses that suit me the most. I know I’m going to get my use out of these because as I write this they are sitting on my head right now. I don’t want to take them off.

Next, Missguided! Again, I needed some new tops and I’m in love with the colour orange for this summer. When I opened this up I was a bit disappointed because I assumed it was going to look silly on, but I was so happy when I tried it on. It has the slits down the side of the arms which is interesting and the wrap detail is really flattering for larger chested ladies (haha). I also love the wrap at the bottom for an extra bit of detail. One thing is, on the wrapper it was labelled as red, but it’s definitely orange. This was £18 and I’d definitely look into getting the same style in a different colour.

The last item I’m going to show you is this culotte jumpsuit. I’m skeptical about culottes because of where they cut off on my leg, as I’m quite short. I plan on wearing this with heels any way so it’s not too big a deal. Its very figure hugging and the fabric is nice. This was £28 which I was surprised about for a jumpsuit.

I also got a pair of ripped slim leg jeans but they just did not suit me and were too small! I can’t find a pair of nice mom jeans that fit comfortably, and I refuse to go up 3 or 4 sizes just to get one that fits over my butt! If anyone has any recommendations, they’re very welcome..

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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