Benefit 3D Browtones: Review

I’m excited about the blog post for today because I’ve been so excited to try out the new Benefit brow products. There’s a few things I want to try from the new range, but there were two things I was really curious to try because I haven’t seen anything like it for the brows. The two things were the 3D Browtones and the Browvo conditioning eyebrow primer (I already love the Gimme Brow so will definitely purchase that again).

I decided to get the 3D Browtones because I thought it was the most interesting idea and it is supposed to enhance your brows by giving them subtle highlights.

I like this idea because I’ve always thought that by me using a lighter shade of brow setting gel it would give my brows an extra dimension to them. When I swatch the Browtones on my hand, it really is just a metallic gel. Mine is in shade 2, the lighter of the two shades available and it is a metallic bronze colour when swatched. I understand why this might be a bit daunting to some people but I really like the idea!

It retails at £18.50, which is pretty normal for the Benefit brow products so I don’t think it’s a bad price point, even more so because it is so unique.

On my brows, I didn’t automatically go ‘wow’. I do think I get more of an effect when I use a shade lighter brow gel, but this does suit the colour of my eyebrow better. It has a nice subtle look to it and it does add something to the eyebrow.

I do really like this product and I have been using it everyday since I got it. I’m not sure it is everyones cup of tea but I really love the idea about it. I’m really excited to get some more products from the range to try out.

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo

P.S. – Marie Claire have a sample size of the Ready Set Brow with this months issue, give it a go!


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