Jouer Lip Creme: Review

The post today will be all about this one product from Jouer – the lip creme, their take on a liquid lipstick. I got mine in the colour Citronade Rose, and can we take a moment to appreciate the packaging? I love it so much, it’s so simple but yet so pretty. I think that’s my view about Jouer in general, I love to look at their products because all of them are just so pretty.

Enough about the packaging, more about the product. The colour is so pretty and it has the perfect amount of shimmer. I’d heard a lot about the shade Praline, however with my skin tone I feel I suit a more pink or blush nude lipstick, not that this is particularly nude-like. Because it is advertised as a Lip Creme, I didn’t really think it would be a liquid lipstick, which might sound extremely stupid but I just hadn’t put much thought into it.

It dried down really fast and it was so easy to apply. It does have a strong vanilla scent, but nothing you can’t deal with and you can’t smell it when it’s on the lips. I was surprisingly pleased when I realised I could actually rub and smoosh my lips together without there being any tackiness or discomfort, something I had assumed was the norm for liquid lipsticks (comparing to the MUA and Mac liquid lips).

You do still need to have perfectly smooth and soft lips for this to look impeccable, as when I left it to dry and looked in the mirror it definitely excentuated the dryness of my lips, and I didn’t think mine were particularly dry that occasion. The next few times I did try it though it wasn’t as bad, so it’s nothing to do with the product, you just need to have well conditioned lips!

The wear was fine, if you aren’t eating then it stays put. I didn’t notice much of the product come off when I was drinking, so as with the majority of liquid lipsticks anything oily does remove it. When this happens however, it isn’t subtle in the slightest because it is a metallic/shimmer and only then does it feel kind of uncomfortable.

Overall this doesn’t put me off the product in the slightest and I would look into getting other shades, perhaps the matte ones to see if they compare. At £14 it is a bit more of a premium price for what it is, but I think it is definitely worth it as it does everything you want it to.

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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