Clinique Take The Day Off: Review

When it comes to taking my makeup off, I have to admit that I am extremely lazy. Often it will be in bed, with a makeup wipe whilst watching YouTube videos. But I’m determined to improve this. Ever since I got really into makeup I notice little bumps on my skin and at first I thought I was allergic to something but they’ve just never left. So even though I don’t have problematic skin, I want to take care of it a bit more and makeup wipes can be quite abrasive.

I wanted a gentle makeup remover for my eyes because often I find myself scrubbing them to get all the mascara off my lashes, and I’d seen a lot of people going on about the Clinique Take The Day Off. In my head I thought it would come in a bigger bottle than it did, but the one I got was 125ml. I’m not sure if there was a larger size available, but this cost £19 (which I thought was a bit steep).

The first time I used this I didn’t shake it because I am an idiot and didn’t read the back. Even so, it still worked really well. When I actually shook it, it worked even better and removed the makeup really well. I’m concerned that I’m going to use this up really quickly because of the amount of cotton pads I had to use and I can’t afford to buy one of these a month.

The only thing I did notice of the bat was that it was ever so slightly oily on my fingers, but I’m willing to live with that because ofcourse there has to be another ingredient in it to remove makeup so well. I wouldn’t be paying £19 for water when I can run the tap!

Overall I like this makeup remover and I love Clinique as a makeup and skincare brand in general. I would recommend this product but I think I’ll be saving mine for occasions when I’m wearing a lot of eye makeup or waterproof mascara.

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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