Summer Fashion Haul: Part Two

Okay so you know how I said I haven’t been in the mood for buying clothes recently? Well.. I take it back after the amount of clothes shopping I’ve done recently. From the Carli Bybel launch on Missguided to a payday trip up Princes Street, I’ve been feeling pretty spendy.

I have no regrets, because the bits and pieces I did get I just know I’m going to get the use out of. So now let me get into the fun part, showing you what I got..

My favourite buy was definitely my denim jacket (£45). I’ve been after a denim jacket for so many months because I sold my old one because it was too big for me. I’ve had my eye on this one from Topshop and I finally bit the bullet and just got it. I’ve wore it basically every day since.

From my visit to Topshop I also picked up another pair of sunglasses (£16), which I love. I sat on my Quay Australia ones recently and I hate myself for it, but these ones are just as nice and at least the legs work.

From Missguided, I got two pieces from the Carli Bybel x Missguided launch. The one piece I was desperate to get was this crochet style nude dress, which is divine and I can’t believe it was only £40 with the amount of detail that has been put into it. It fits snug, and because of that, the zip gets stuck around that crochet bit around the waist, but that’s not uncommon on dresses such as these.

Secondly I got one of the bomber jackets and I decided to go for the green one because I preferred that colour to the pink one (£30). There were so many bits I wanted from this collection but you have to stop somewhere! Maybe on the re-launch I’ll grab a few more pieces..

I had a look around Zara also, and I managed to get some basic tops which I love from Zara. I got a white one and this white and grey striped one (£5.99 each). They are so so soft and I always end up wearing these to bed because they are so cosy.

Also from Zara I picked up this crop khaki shirt (£19.99), which I was on the fence about because I don’t suit cropped tops or shirts so much but I love it nonetheless.

Finally I stopped in River Island, mainly on the hunt for this floral kimono style cover up I had seen. I didn’t find the kimono, but I did find another khaki top with cut out shoulders (£20) and a crochet style cream v neck body which would look nice throughout the summer and for nights out. It was also reduced from £26 to £15, so I couldn’t refuse.

In the sale I got this lovely bright pink suede skirt. I’ve seen this style in River Island for a while now and I loved it, but I found I had to size up to get this to sit properly. This means the waist is slightly too big but when I saw this colour and the fact it was £12 in the sale meant I had to get it.

And that concludes my second fashion haul! I think I definitely have enough clothes to see me through to Autumn now..

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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