NYX Liquid Suede/Lip Lingerie

I recently visited the NYX counter in Leeds and had a field day. There was so much to choose from and it was so busy. I didn’t really pick up much and to begin with I wasn’t going to write a blog post on another NYX product as I seem to have written a lot of posts on them. But with these I was both impressed and disappointed so I decided to combine the two.

Firstly lets start with the Lip Lingerie. I got mine in the shade Bedtime Flirt, a nude but with a hint of pink, so just what I like. It is intended to be a matte finish, and it is. I find it a comfortable matte liquid lip and would happily be able to wear it all day. I also found it easy to re-apply as with all liquid lips after eating it does tend to wear off a tad.

Above: wearing Bedtime Flirt

There was no overpowering scent to it and I didn’t get any nasty taste in my mouth like you can with some liquid lips. I’d really recommend these ones to anyone who wants a more affordable but good quality liquid lip. My only qualm with these is that there is a very limited colour selection and they are all nudes. I don’t know if that was their intention, but I do think they should extend the colour range.

They last well but do come off when eating and drinking. I didn’t feel the need to use a lip liner, but even with it doesn’t effect the end product. I would definitely recommend these!

The second product I grabbed was the Liquid Suede. I got two shades, one in Sandstorm and one in Soft Spoken. I didn’t even get the chance to swatch these in the shop because the lip section was so busy, I just grabbed the two shades I’d seen mentioned on social media and hoped for the best.

Above: Soft Spoken
I do like the colour Soft Spoken, but Sandstorm was not my kind of colour in the slightest. One thing of note I must add is that in person the colour looks completely different in different lights. At first when I tried on Sandstorm it looked a weird brown colour, and that was under a warm artificial light, but in daylight it was more pink toned. So basically I can wear it during the day but not at night. Not so convenient.

Above: wearing Sandstorm

The finish in these is a creamy matte hybrid, it dries but not completely. Probably comparable to the NYX soft matte lip creams, but a little bit more matte. I don’t think I would purchase any more of these, because I was much more impressed with the Lip Lingerie’s than the Suedes.

Have you tried either of these? Let me know how you got on with them!

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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