The Body Shop: Instablur Perfector

Today’s blog post is all about the Body Shop’s Instablur. This is the second time I’ve bought Instablur, so I feel it’s about time I wrote about it. Firstly, I use this as a primer without any other primers under or over it, because I feel that’s when it performs best.

The first opinion of this has to be the consistency. It worms its way out and it is quite an odd texture because it almost comes off in bits. I personally don’t mind the texture as long as the product works, and it’s not as if you can’t work with it, its just a little bit more difficult.

There’s no strong scent to this product, or no scent at all, so it’s suitable for skin types who are sensitive to scented products. It’s also a universal shade so that makes it even more accessible to all skin shades.

The texture of the product on the skin is what matters most. It almost feels greasy as you rub it into the skin, but not in a bad way, because it feels more silicone-y than greasy. It does contain Silica and natural oils which probably contribute to this feeling. The way it covers the skin almost like a mask is what impresses me the most. It just evens out the surface of the skin and prepares it perfectly for your foundation.

This is one of those products I’d be happy to wear on a no makeup day. Not that it adds much visibly, it makes my skin feel nice, doesn’t break me out and smooths out the skin.

What are your thoughts on this?

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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