The Balm Nude’tude Eyeshadow Review

Today’s post is about a palette that was hyped about quite a while ago, and I’ve only just got my hands on it recently. I went to a beauty outlet store and they had a lot of brands, not very well known brands but they did have W7 and Essie and such like. I couldn’t see much that interested me until I saw the Balm Nude’tude palette. It was the only the Balm product I could see in the whole shop and it was something I’d been interested in previously.

In Boots and Superdrug and those high street shops this retails for £30. In this shop it was only £14.99. I couldn’t say no when you were getting a £30 palette for half the price!

I was impressed just by the swatches straight away. My favourite by far has to be the shade ‘Sassy’ because for a white shadow, it is so incredibly pigmented and that’s something I’ve not come across. A few other faves are Stubborn, Stand-offish and Selfish, which describe me perfectly it seems.

Have a look at the swatches and decide for yourself!

As for the shadows staying power, I can’t complain either. It held its shimmer and brightness and it didn’t fall out anywhere. I did use Mac’s Painterly paint pot underneath however, so I can’t comment on its staying power without a primer. I feel like this is a well rounded neutral palette which is perfect for beginners and lovers of neutral eye looks. This palette has every colour you would need to create a variety of looks so I’d say its worth the money. I’d even say it’s worth the £30.

Have you ever tried this palette?

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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