Too Faced Hangover X Primer: Is it worth it?

First of all: if you don’t like coconut, you won’t like this primer. Now that that’s out of the way, today’s ‘Is it worth it?’ is all about the Too Faced Hangover X Primer. As you all know I love Too Faced as a brand and would love to try everything if I could afford it.

To start with, the first thing you will notice is the smell. It is that same strong chemically coconut smell that is the same with the Born This Way concealer, and it is a little bit overpowering, even for me. Also, at £27 this is an extremely expensive product and I totally grudged paying it!

The packaging was also quite confusing, I thought it would be a squeezy tube but it was actually a pump. That’s totally not a bad thing in my opinion, I think the pump is a lot easier and it dispenses the perfect amount of product.

It is silicone free, which in a primer I feel like I’ve learned that I prefer a silicone based one because I feel it helps to make things stay put. The Too Faced one feels and applies more like a moisturiser, which is fine as it sinks into the skin pretty well and makes your skin feel refreshed.

Under foundation, I don’t see any difference to when I use other primers and with saying that, I feel that primers are a difficult product to review. I feel like when I was applying my foundation some days, I felt I didn’t get as good a coverage, and I am religious to my Loreal True Match throughout the week so it wasn’t that I was switching anything else up.

Throughout the day, once again some days I feel as though my face makeup would last better than other days, so it’s been really hard for me to come to some sort of a conclusion on this one. Overall, I think I’d have to describe it as average. I don’t notice anything amazing about this, nor do I notice anything terrible. So with that I feel I have been no use at all. I  guess it’s down to you to decide if this is worth it or not!

I’ve decided to cut my blog posts down to one every 3 days rather than 2. It’s been getting harder to come up with original ideas and I’m putting too much pressure on myself to write (and it’s becoming too expensive). Hopefully you can sympathise with me on this. See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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