Essie Nail Lacquer Collection and Review

IMG_5003Today’s post is all about my favourite nail polish brand – Essie. I’m not sure why I’m drawn to these so much, they’re pretty high in price (£7.99) and to be honest, they’re not all great quality. I’ll get into that as I go through the colours. This is probably going to be a long one, so buckle yourself in.


First of all, lets start with Master Plan. It is a beige/taupe nude which looks lovely on the nails. I’d say the picture makes this look a little darker than it is in reality. I have no complaints with this one, it applies smoothly and doesn’t go patchy.


This next one is one I can’t really comment on, but I thought I’d share it with you nonetheless. This one is called Glamour Purse, and I got it as a gift for my birthday. It is like the darker sister to Master Plan, and I can just tell this will look great on the nails.


Next is Eternal Optimist. This comes off a little darker in the picture too, as in real life it is a bit more pastel like. I have a touch more trouble with this one as it definitely takes 3+ coats to get it completely opaque. Because of this I don’t reach for it as often and I’m apprehensive to try any Essie nail lacquers that are any lighter pink than this.


Along with Master Plan, this is one of  my favourites. This is called Cocktail Bling, and basically it is the perfect opaque grey colour. It stays well on the nails compared to other colours and I just really like it. The colour comes across exactly as it does in the picture.


I only recently come across this colour and I’m not sure why I hadn’t previously purchased it. This is called Petal Pushers (cute name too). You only need one coat of this for it to be opaque too, which is great. It is similar to Cocktail Bling, but more on the purple side.


Essie also does another formula of nail polish, and when I bought this I didn’t really notice. This is called a Cashmere Matte nail polish, which obviously means it drys to a satin/matte. To be honest, I don’t like this formula. This is called Coat Couture, and it chips really really badly.


Merino Cool is similar to Master Plan and Glamour Purse, but even more purple and slightly darker. It’s similar in consistency as Master Plan so it goes on just as smooth and opaque. I only recently picked this one up also and I’m surprised because it’s so pretty.


The next one is my all time favourite Essie polishes and it was my first one that I bought. It’s called Angora Cardi and it’s one of those colours you look at and think ‘I wish I had that shade in a lipstick’. It’s definitely one of those Instagram colours that everyone loves. It also applies like a dream and completely opaque as well as lasting for over a week on the nails with minimal chipping. If you only get one Essie polish, go for this one.


A cult classic from Essie that was known as one of those ‘must have’ shades is this one, Bahama Mama. I do like this shade and it does apply nicely, but it takes a couple of coats to get to a nice finish. It does chip quite noticeably too because of the dark colour but whilst it’s on it’s a lovely dark magenta.


This looks almost black in picture but it is a lot more red in the bottle. Even on the nails it seems a lot more red than it does black. Shearling Darling is the perfect dark Christmas red colour that seems to come around every year. It never goes out of style in the autumn and winter months, so I thought this would be a wise choice. I was very disappointed however because it is so sheer that you really need to build it up or it looks patchy. This also chips quite badly too and I’d say this is one of the most disappointing colours out of all the ones I own.


I have this colour on my nails right now and it’s lasted nearly a week. You don’t notice the chips in this one because it’s a lighter shade too. This is called Maximillian Strasse Her, which is an odd name but it’s a pretty colour. It leans more on the green side of duck egg blue, if you can wrap that around your head. It looks more blue in the picture but it is definitely more green. I’d also recommend this one if you’re after an Essie polish.


Turquoise & Caicos is a colour I had wanted for years before I’d actually got it. And to be honest, I wish I hadn’t wasted my money.. It was similar in consistency to Eternal Optimist in that it was so sheer that it just gave a patchy wash of colour over the nail rather than be a solid colour. I don’t reach for this one often either just because of the time and effort it requires.


Watermelon is the perfect name to describe this nail polish. And it does not disappoint. It’s so bright and it’s the perfect hot pink for summertime. It just makes you happy looking at it. I do love a bright nail colour, despite most of these being neutrals.


Chubby Cheeks is such an adorable name for this nail polish too. I love the colour, it’s like a bright orange but it’s ever so slightly muted so it’s not as in your face as Watermelon is on the brightness scale. It’s totally opaque, but it does chip quite a bit. I can live with that though, because most of the nail polish I apply chips off anyway.


Finally we have made it to the last one! Well done if you’re still reading this, because it was a long one. This one is a glittery top coat called Rock at the Top. Because it has glitter in it, it stays put. So well in fact that it is pretty difficult to get off, but that’s to be expected with glitter nail polishes! One thing I am impressed with is that it hasn’t went that gunky way glitter polishes normally do once they’ve been open for a while. It’s still a similar consistency to when I first got it, which is a huge plus for me.

And that concludes my nail polish collection and review of the Essie polishes! I hope that has helped a lot of you and given you an insight as to what each individual polish is like. If you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see next, do let me know in the comments!

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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