Carli Bybel x Missguided Haul

So if you’re a big follower of beauty bloggers and vloggers I’m sure you’ll be aware that Carli Bybel released a line of clothing for Missguided. I showed you in a previous haul that I got my hands on two pieces. The second release happened at the end of August and I couldn’t help myself but to get some more bits and pieces. It also worked out that Missguided had 30% off for students, so I got quite a bit and made use  of the discount code!

I won’t bother rambling on too long about the bits I’ve already showed you, but I will include them in this Haul since they are part of the Carli Bybel collection.

This is the first dress I got in the first release. It was the main thing I needed to get, and I was so happy I waited over an hour and a half to get it. Even now I haven’t had the opportunity to wear it, but I know that when I do have a special occasion, this is the dress I’ll be wearing.

The second thing that I was initially skeptical about buying is the olive green bomber, simply because my body doesn’t suit the shape of a bomber jacket at all. This for some reason didn’t give me the same oompa loompa roundness that many others do, and I’ve well and truly got my use out of this. I would probably size up on this one because it is a delicate silky material and around the arms it can be quite tight.

The first thing I got of the second launch was the top of the dress I already have. I love this just as much as the dress, I got it in a larger size because the waist on the dress really sucks you in, and I don’t regret that decision because it sits lovely on my waist without cutting into the chubby bits!

I then wanted a skirt to go with the top, so I got the plain pink midi skirt. Unfortunately, this was way way way too long for me so I had to send it back, but it was a lovely thick material so you couldn’t see any knicker lines. I really wanted a skirt though, and luckily I got this airtex wrap skirt in pink. This fits really nicely, especially around the bum and it’s very true to size so it gets a thumbs up for me.

Lastly, I got the trousers that the model wears with the lace top. These are a lovely nude beige colour which match perfectly. They are a very nice thick material but not so thick that you’d feel way too hot in, so just what you want in a trouser. My only concern with these are that because they are a lighter trouser, and I am a very clumsy person, that they’re not gonna stay very light for long!

And that’s all I got! I’m glad I only had to send back one thing, I feel like it was a successful shopping trip. The shopping experience the second time round was superior to the first time round, so I have to applaud Missguided for whatever they changed. My order went through straight away and there was no hassle whatsoever. Did you manage to get any bits from the Carli Bybel collection?

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


2 thoughts on “Carli Bybel x Missguided Haul

  1. Omg these clothes are stunning! I can see the style of the range just from these few pics so I’m deffo gonna be checking it out. I love watching beauty bloggers/vloggers on youtube as a fellow youtuber myself. SO ADDICTING! xx

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