Nikkie Tutorials x Too Faced – The Power of Makeup

For todays post I have to talk about the new palette in my life. That palette is, ofcourse, the Nikkie Tutorials x Too Faced palette. I was firstly drawn to this because of the amount of stuff you get for the price.

For £48, you get the palette itself, a mini Better Than Sex mascara in purple, a beautiful silver glitter and a Sketch Marker in black. I think that is great quality, especially when you take a normal Too Faced palette which is priced at £38 and the full sized Sketch Marker is £17. Thats already more than worth it in my opinion.

The price is ofcourse not the only reason I wanted this palette. I love the mix of neutrals and brights, you get the essential gold and silver to create the basic smoky eye and you can go a bit crazy with the rich purple and teal.

From past experience I know that Too Faced shadows are up there with the best so I had high hopes for the shadows in this palette, and they did not disappoint. One thing I did notice is that the white in this palette, Ivy, is not as pigmented as the white in the Sweet Peach palette. It’s still a great shadow nonetheless and the rest match up to that. I’ve seen a few reviews that say the black isn’t as stark as they would have liked, but I find it to be the perfect amount of pigment without causing it to fall out all over the place.

Here are some swatches, and just look how pigmented:

As for the face powders, I really enjoy the blush shades. They are very pigmented so a little goes a long way and you have to make sure you use a light hand because they are such bright shades. I don’t really use bronzer, but I have had a go using this one and it gave a nice subtle effect, which is what I was after. Lastly, the highlight is really stunning. At first I thought “this isn’t as pigmented as I expected” but then when I saw the light hit my face it was perfect. It blended seamlessly and was perfect for my skin tone.

The Sketch Marker is in black, and I have to say I was so impressed with this. I have the brown Sketch Marker and it turned out to be kind of patchy which disappointed me because I really wanted to get into brown liner more. The black is the complete opposite, it is so opaque and easy to apply and has converted me back to a felt tip liner.

The glitter in ‘Glitteraly’ I can’t say much about other than the colour. I have been super super busy recently which probably reflects on how little I’ve been posting on Instagram. I can’t wait to use this glitter however, it is stunning and would look perfect for a night out.

The Better Than Sex mascara in purple I have had the chance to use. It really compliments my green eyes and I love that it isn’t your basic black. Plus this is exclusive to the Nikkie Tutorials collection. It is just a travel size, but having said that it is a generous travel size.

You also get the tiniest sample size of the Shadow Insurance, which I have used and I found that it lets out a bit of an oily residue along with the product, which didn’t make for a smooth application. Other than that the primer wasn’t sticky and it did provide a good base for the shadows.

Overall I feel this is a must have. The palette itself gives you so many options eye-wise, as well as the face powders which means you basically have all you need powder wise for the face. I really think this is a great collection and I don’t have a bad word to say about it. I can’t wait to play with this more!

Let me know if you got your hands on this and if you love this as much as me!

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo



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