MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers

Today’s post is all about the MUA Luxe Velvet liquid lipsticks. Previously I tried the MUA Luxe metallic liquid lipsticks, and they didn’t go down too well, but I thought I’d give these ones a go. These were £2 each, and I picked them up in 3 different shades. There weren’t a lot left at the 2 stands I visited, so that must mean they’ve been pretty popular! (For £2 I’m not surprised).

The shades I got were Tranquility, Zest and Moxie. Not sure how I feel about the names of these, but it isn’t the name that is the most important factor. The packaging is nice, almost like the Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks but they’re not as heavy. They do feel a bit cheap, but once again, it’s what is in the inside that counts.

I have to say – the first thing that hits you when you open these up is the smell. It. Is. SO. Strong. It smells so sickly sweet, but not in a nice way, in a more artificial chemically smell. I am not a fan of the smell at all, especially because it lingers and sticks to the back of your throat and you can taste it in your mouth.

They are all pretty colours and I love that highstreet brands are venturing out into brighter lip colours. I couldn’t pick one up in the stores I visited, but you can get a baby blue and lilac liquid lip colour from this brand, as well as white. 

The shade Tranquility is my favourite kind of nude to wear, slightly pinky peach toned. 

Zest is a coral colour, almost neon and with that you have to apply it carefully because it can be slightly patchy! 

Moxie is the perfect dark hot pink, I love the colour of this one and it applies opaque.

These take a relatively long time to dry down and even then you can feel that there is something on your lips. It dries down eventually, but there is still a tacky-ness that you can feel when you wear it, even though it looks completely matte. Because these are labelled as Velvet lip laquers, I didn’t think they would dry down completely matte but they do.

As for how long lasting they are, I can’t really comment. I personally can’t wear these for very long because they make my lips feel funny, smell horrible and they come off in an unattractive manner. I do like these in small doses where I won’t be eating or drinking so for every now and again these are fine, but I don’t find them comfortable enough to wear all day or night.

I really wanted to love these because I didn’t give a great review of the metallic liquid lips by MUA. For £2 you can’t expect a lot, and I think these are a decent liquid lip especially for high street beauty. I just prefer to spend £15-20 on a liquid lip I can wear all day and really get the use out of!

What did you think about these?

See  you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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