Autumn Fashion Haul

Two hauls one after the other.. I have been feeling spendy. #noregrets.

I really did need some new clothes because I have been completely uninspired when it comes to going out or even just on days off. Plus, I’m going on holiday soon and needed some holiday clothes! For this haul I got bits from Asos, Missguided and Boohoo. All three had really good student discount deals on so I got a decent amount of money off too, which makes me feel much better about the amount of stuff I got. Please buckle yourself in because I think this is the biggest haul I have ever and will ever do!

Lets start off with Asos. I have to apologise about the lighting in these pictures and the fact I have such random hangers.. It really annoys me when I look at them. This was the first bit that I got- a slouchy ribbed kimono sleeve cardigan, £38. I got mine in a size M, but I think this is slightly too oversized even for me. It also comes with a tie for around the waist but I prefer to leave it the way it is.

I then grabbed some joggers, because I figured I want to wear something a bit more comfortable when I’m going to uni rather than just jeans every day. My colour palette is surrounding itself around the neutrals and earthy tones, which I think suits autumn and is a change from the black I automatically go towards. These are really comfy and look a bit more put together than a pair of grey or black would. These were £22 and I think that’s reasonable.

Speaking of not wearing jeans as much… I got a pair of jeans. This time they were a rusty dark brown colour, again perfect for autumn. These were £26 and for jeans I think that’s about right, especially because these are quite stretchy and resemble more of a jegging than a jean. I like Asos for jeans but haven’t purchased from them in a while, but these might just get me back into them.

This next piece was bought on Asos but it is from Missguided. I just happened to come across this when scrolling through the jumpsuits and playsuits and thought it looked pretty classy. Plus, it was in the sale for £20 which is a good deal. My only qualm with this is that the material is quite thin, verging on chiffon. It isn’t see through, but it just means that you’ll find it difficult to hide the VPL.

This dress is from River Island through Asos and was also in the sale. Even though it was in the sale, it was still£27. I was hesitant to buy it because of that but its original price is £45 so it’s still a saving. I sized up in this one because it’s supposed to be a tunic dress and I didn’t want my massive hips to stick out.

I couldn’t help myself but get another pair of sunglasses, even though I don’t need them. I don’t know really why I was drawn to this pair, but I like the slight geometric look to them. Also the metal is kind of silver kind of gold, so they’ll be versatile.


I’ll admit I don’t shop at Boohoo too often, because although it is value for money, I think the quality is hit or miss. The first thing I picked up was this simple long sleeved black top, £12. I’ve seen a lot of this style of top with the choker neckline and I thought it would be nice for a night out. I was surprised to find out that this was a thin knit rather than jersey, but I like the effect this gives.

The next top I got was this boho floaty top. I thought I would have to size up with this one because it is from the Petite range, but even buying a size 10 looks huge. I would recommend you get your size or a size down. This was £12 and I think it will look lovely on holiday.

One of my favourite things to get from Boohoo is their slogan tees, and I couldn’t resist picking one up. This one was only £5 and I sized up for this. I think that was a mistake because it’s quite a boxy top as is, but I’m sure I’ll still wear it. I bought it to wear with a skirt I’ll show you later on, plus the reason it says “I don’t like you” on it, which sums up my feelings towards people in general.

I knew I needed a pair of shorts because I have a very limited supply of shorts and I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a couple of pairs for warmer weather. I liked these ones because of the tassel details off the bottom of the legs, and they were only £8 in the sale. I was kind of disappointed however because they were just jersey. I’d hoped for a more sturdy material but you can’t expect much for £8.

This skirt is something I’ve been on the hunt for. I found a similar one on Asos but it was out of stock in my size which was incredibly annoying. However, Boohoo came to the rescue and provided me with this one for £10, half the price of the Asos one. It’s exactly what I wanted, a button down midi skirt, perfect to shove on and off.

You can’t do a holiday shop and not buy a swimsuit of some sorts. I wanted one that wasn’t too fussy or had too much cut out detail, which a lot of them had. This one was £20 and I love the monochrome. I did want one from Missguided which was crochet, but it was £35 and I refuse to pay that much for a swimsuit I’ll only wear for a week.


Next, I took a trip over to Missguided. I didn’t spend too long on Missguided because I know I can so easily get carried away. I did pick up this little mauve/taupe coloured crop top. This was £8 and it was just a basic buy for me.

This bomber I’ll admit I did not need. But it’s rose gold and it’s pretty. This was £35, which is possibly a bit steep, but I got 25% off so I felt a bit better about buying it. I also sized up from the Carli Bybel one I got so it does fit a lot more comfortably.

This next item is something I’m really excited to show you. So bit of a backstory, I really really want a pair of the Minna Parikka bunny ears trainers. These trainers are £255 and I can’t do that to my bank account.. But I also didn’t want to miss out. The only option was to get my DIY on and I got this pair of plain white trainers for £25 and these pom pom hair ties which were £4 each. I cut off the hair tie bit and sewed and glued them onto the back. And voila! Makeshift Minna Parikka inspired trainers. Plus, I always get comments when I wear these.


Finally, I popped into Zara. Zara is my favourite shop to have a look around because you can really find some good stuff. I’m loving the embroidery trend at the minute and I couldn’t say no to this one. It’s pretty long for a shirt, but I still love it. This was £29.99 which I thought was pretty reasonable.

My final purchase of this gigantic haul is this cute velvet top. I thought this would look nice for the cooler weather on nights out as it does look ever so slightly festive. I’ll probably still wear it now because it is too cute not to. This was £25.99, which is kind of expensive for what it is but I understand because of the applique that is on it.

FINALLY. That is all I have to show you. If you’ve made it this far, then I must applaud you as that was a long one. Hopefully you enjoyed it and you’ve got some inspiration for yourself or for whats in the shops at the moment.

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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