September Favourites 2016

It feels like no time at all since I wrote my August Favourites.. I’m still not used to posting every 3 days rather than 2! I must admit I do miss posting so frequently, but for just now I think it’s better to go for quality over quantity so I’ll stick with this for a while. I don’t have anything witty or interesting to say about this month because I have been so busy with work, so lets just jump into things!

My first favourite is actually a sample. I ordered from the Charlotte Tilbury website last month and I received a sample size of the Legendary Lashes. I think I’d go as far to say this is my favourite mascara of all time. I love the way it makes my lashes look and haven’t used a mascara this good in a long time. I will be purchasing the full size when this one is finished with. My only complaint with this is that I feel it transfers when I first apply, so i have to stay really still until it dries. I also don’t use it on my bottom lashes because the brush is a bit too chunky but other than that, 10/10.


Another makeup favourite this month is the NYX Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt. I haven’t found a nude this perfect ever, and I love it every time I apply it. It’s not the best liquid lip formula I’ve ever tried, but it’s up there and a great use of your money for £6.50. I really want to get some more shades but I haven’t found a Boots that has the Lip Lingerie’s at the NYX counter.

Surprisingly one of my favourites of the month is one of the contour palettes I had just tucked away in my palette drawer. That is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette. I love this palette because the contour shade isn’t too pigmented so it makes it so easy to blend. I’ve been reaching for this over my Kat Von D and Anastasia palettes and it has been working a dream.

Since we’re on the topic of palettes.. Another one I have rediscovered my love for is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. I’ve heard a lot of people saying this just wasn’t worth the money for them, but I love it. The yellow shade for my under eye, the pink shades for blush and the bronze for.. well.. bronzer obviously. I love the bronzer in this palette because it’s not too severe for someone with my skin tone.

I have to acknowledge that I have a problem. I have turned into a crazy plant lady. It all started with my little cactus in last months favourites and now I have 5 new children of which I love equally. I’m trying really hard to keep them alive but the majority of them are succulents so it’s not too hard. I do have big Arthur who lives in the kitchen who might be the one to go first but I’ll do my best.

Music wise this month, I’ve been loving the All Gold 80’s playlist on Spotify. It is just tune after tune, especially if you’re into your 80’s music (obviously). I’ve also still been enjoying Ariana Grande’s album, especially with the release of the Side to Side video (drool).


One of my fashion favourites is the pair of trainers I DIY’d in my previous haul. I just can’t get over how cute they are and they really add something to an outfit. I’m going to have to be really careful when wearing these in the rain or the pom pom is going to lose its fluffiness. I’ve never owned a pair of white trainers before because I can’t keep my black trainers clean never mind a white pair.

And that concludes my September favourites! I might explore the World Duty Free when I’m off on my holiday so there might be some new makeup bits and bobs in my favourites next month. What new products have you tried this month?

See you  in the next one!

Taylor xoxo



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