The Body Shop Lightening Drops

I’ve been meaning to get my hands on The Body Shop’s Lightening Drops ever since they came out because I find it so difficult to find a foundation light enough for my skin tone. As soon as I bought this I knew that if this worked it would change my life.

First time I used this I don’t think I used enough of the drops because I didn’t see a dramatic difference in the way this looked. Basically my face was still a different colour to my neck. Second time round however, I made sure I put a good amount of drops in. This made all the difference and I could tell I had got it right because it wasn’t difficult in the slightest to blend my face to my neck.

I was impressed by the way this changed the foundation because I didn’t feel like I put a lot of effort in to get this outcome. It was just so easy to do. Which makes me think.. Why can’t companies just make foundation lighter in the first place?!

One thing I wasn’t sure about when using this was mixing. I wasn’t prepared for mixing when I first put the drops in my foundation, so I just grabbed a eye brush and used the bottom end of it to combine the two. I’m not 100% sure if you have to mix these, but I did because I feel that’s just common sense.

Throughout the day, I noticed one thing. I did one thing differently, which was that I didn’t put any concealer on. The only thing I noticed about my makeup throughout the day was that it was quite a bit oilier. I have normal to oily skin as it is, and I do notice oiliness on a normal day, but this was extra oil that I don’t really need!

The second time I wore this I did use concealer. I don’t know if it was because I was aware that the previous day it had made my skin oilier or it actually was oilier.. but i noticed it once again. Admittedly, it wasn’t as bad this time but it was still there. I don’t tend to touch up my makeup throughout the day because normally I’m out for 3 hours max or I’m at work so I don’t feel the need, but perhaps that’s my problem. It’s not a big enough problem for me to stop using these all things considered.

Do you find a similar issue with these or do you have dry skin so it helps? I’d like to know!

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


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