Kylie Lip Kit Review

I’ve been waiting a long time to do a review on these and I’m excited it’s finally out there! If you follow me on Instagram you probably know a couple of the shades I got and my thoughts but here’s a more in depth review about my thoughts on these.

I’ll start with the basics. When I first opened the package I was really impressed with the container. It feels luxury – not just cheap plastic. It has some weight to it. When you open the lipstick, it does have a strong smell to it. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked because it is quite sickly sweet, but you get used to it and it does smell quite nice after a while. The smell doesn’t transfer to the lips however so if that’s a big factor for you I wouldn’t worry.

The lip liners you get in the kit are of such a high quality. I love them so much because they are creamy so not hard to apply, but also not so creamy that you couldn’t control where you were lining. I give these a solid 10/10 straight away.

Firstly, lets start with the newest release from her, Love Bite. I debated whether to get Dirty Peach or Love Bite, but I was worried that Dirty Peach would be too orange for me. For Autumn I figured that Love Bite would be more suitable, and I’m glad I made that decision because it is such a unique shade and I don’t have another shade like it.

The second lip kit I have is 22. This was the number one lip kit on my list so I knew when I first ordered from Kylie Cosmetics this had to be purchased. It looks really really orange in the tube but it does turn into a more reddy orange when you put it on the lips. The consistency between the shades of lips is solid, they don’t waver in quality, which is really good.

Thirdly, we have one of the first releases, Koko K. I really wanted a light pink nude because at the moment I’ve really wanted a light lip colour. Out of all the shades she has released, this looked like it would be the lightest, so I went for this one. Originally, I wanted Posie K because I thought that looked like more of a me shade, but I’m glad I went for this one. There’s not much else to say about this shade, but if you have pale skin like me, then don’t fret, if you’re worried this will wash you out it won’t!

Lastly, we have Maliboo. I’m glad that with the two out there colours, these two are pretty neutral and that’s exactly what I wanted. With the expense of these, I really wanted to get my use of these and the only way I would do that is if I had some nudes. This one is a brown toned nude so I was a bit skeptical whether this would suit me as well but I think I just about get away with it.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the quality of these liquid lipsticks. They go on really smoothly, they stay put. And when I say stay put, I mean they do not budge for anything. They wear off really nicely too, especially the nude shades. The only thing I feel I need to note with these is that you cannot layer these. They feel as though you are wearing no liquid lipstick at all, but when you layer them they feel so dry and uncomfortable. So be warned!

And that’s my Kylie Cosmetics haul! The customs charge was a bit of a pain, but if you order from this site you will know that there’s no way around it. It does take about 10 days to arrive but that didn’t bother me at all though because I knew it was inevitable. To be fair I don’t think that 10 days shipping from America is bad at all. What are your thoughts on these?

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo



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