Spectrum Marbelous Brush Review


So I promised a review of these brushes in my most recent Beauty Bay haul, so here it is! I obviously decided to go for the Marbelous collection because it suits my aesthetic more than the black and oil slick looking brushes or pink and blue ones Spectrum also have available. This collection of 7 brushes was £35 and is called the Marbelous 7 piece Smoke Set.

Within this set you get:

  • A07 – Stubby shader.
  • A12 – Fluffy pencil.
  • A13 – Short smudger.
  • A14 – Brow definer.
  • A15 – Lip liner.
  • B05 – Luxe blender.
  • B06 – Tall tapered blender.

Lets get the basic questions out of the way. The look of these? 10/10. The feel? Softer than soft. Value for money? I’m on the fence.. 7 brushes and I use 5 of them regularly, so I guess you can say so.

First question I ask myself is that if this is an eye set, why is there a lip liner brush (A15) included?! I’m not complaining, it’s the perfect size for under the brow bone. I think you get a decent variety in this set, but I kind of wish that there wasn’t a brow definer brush (A14) in here because I have plenty from previous sets and I’m loyal to my Zoeva wing liner brush for my brows.

The Luxe Blender (B05) is also reaaally big and I don’t think it’s the right size for my eye at all. I feel like if I used it I would literally blend away all my eyeshadow on the top and the bottom. For a transitional colour it does do a good job, but I can’t find another way to use this.

My favourites in this collection are the A07, the A12, the B06 and the A13. I find the Tall Tapered Blender (B06) brush to be similar to a MAC brush I have which I prefer to the MAC 217 brush because it is more precise and I have more control. I’d say these are on par with each other.

The Stubby Shader (A07) brush I love to use for packing colour onto the lid. It’s such a basic shape for an eye brush but I think they are just so necessary because they make eye looks so much simpler.

The Fluffy Pencil (A12) brush I love to use for darkening the outer corner and up into the crease. It fits perfectly into the crease and corner and gives me the perfect amount of payoff exactly where I need it to be. This also reminds me of a Zoeva brush I always reach for for that exact reason.

The Short Smudger (A13) brush is my favourite for under the eye. It can get so close to the under eye and create a clean line but because it is a smudger brush you can easily blend it out.

I think that covers all of my thoughts on these brushes! Have you tried the face brushes and would you recommend them?

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo


6 thoughts on “Spectrum Marbelous Brush Review

  1. Great review. I’m after some new make up brushes and I’ve already got some zoeva and morphe and have been considering spectrum brushes (honestly due to how gorgeous they are) so thanks for giving your true opinion. Although I’m still on the fence as zoeva are just my fave xx

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