21 Pairs of Boots You Need for Autumn/Winter

The season for boots is upon us and I for one couldn’t be more excited. I wear boots all year long because in Scotland it never gets warm enough to bring out the sandals, but at least now it’s acceptable to wear them even more. My wardrobe is filled with majority boots or trainers and I like to get at least one new pair for the winter.

My go to places to shop for boots are River Island, Topshop, Asos and Missguided. I’ve scoured the web to find some of my favourites for this season and I hope you enjoy what I’ve come up with. Starting off with River Island.. also, if you like the look of any, click the boots to shop!

River Island

Black leather Western buckle strap boots, £45

These are real leather and suede, and the leather is in all the right places to keep your boots in perfect condition throughout the rainy weather. I think for real leather, £45 is pretty reasonable.

Black embroidered floral ankle boots, £45

I’m not over the whole embroidery trend, in clothes or in shoes. This heel height is a bit too high for my liking but I love them so much I couldn’t say no. I first seen these boots in August and I’ve been patiently waiting for them to come on the River Island website, so get your hands on them as soon as you can!

Rose gold block heel ankle boot, £40

These boots are so cool! I don’t think I have the confidence to pull these off, but imagine these with an all black outfit and some faux fur. These are totally statement but I love them.

Black over-the-knee block heel boots, £75

I bought these boots last year when the whole over-the-knee boot trend was at its peak. I have pretty big thighs so they don’t sit as nicely on me as I would like, but I think it’s such a staple for Autumn/Winter.

Black stretch ankle boots, £50

I love how classy and retro these boots look, but once again the heel height is a bit too much for me so I wouldn’t get a pair myself. The slouchy leg of these make them look so effortlessly cool.

Black block heel ankle boots, £40

I own a pair of boots that are similar to these, but they are all leather rather than suede. I wanted to add these into this blog post because of the sole. It makes these boots so practical for the winter time because they have a good amount of grip to them.

Light pink stretch ankle boots, £50

These boots are the light pink version of the black boots listed above. I think I’d gravitate towards these ones more than the black ones, but the black ones would be more practical.


ASOS Altair Leather Ankle Boots, £45

I love the look of monkstrap shoes, and I think in a boot version it makes it so much more wearable for me.

Vagabond Amina Black Leather Chelsea Boots, £90

These are from the brand Vagabond via Asos. I think Chelsea Boots are timeless, and I have bought many a pair of Chelsea boots, and I think I will always have a pair in my collection because they go with anything.


Asos Rally Leather Buckle Ankle Boots, £45

Asos Rally Leather Buckle Boots in Choc Leather, £45

These are along the same lines as the monkstrap boots, but these are a lot more simplistic. I think by this point you’ll notice that I prefer silver hardware rather than gold. I normally go for a classic black boot, but I love these just as much in the brown.


Glamorous Pony Print Heeled Ankle Boots, £62

I love the idea of these boots. The whole pony skin with leather or suede is right up my street, but I always thought it was more appropriate for a bag than a pair of shoes. However when I saw these, I loved how different they are.

Daisy Street Star Print Heeled Ankle Boots, £34.99

These are another pair of those ‘out there’ pairs of boots. But I love them for that reason. I’m not going to go and buy them because I don’t think they’re my style, but I love the holographic detailing on them.



Multi Printed Stack Heel Ankle Boots, £45

So I’ll admit I don’t really shop on Missguided for shoes all that often, but I do like to have a look now and again. I find the quality can be hit and miss, but I have got a few pairs of shoes from them that I reach for. I love the detail on the heel of these ones, it’s so unique and different to the tortoiseshell pattern you see from many different retailers.

Studded Pointed Toe Ankle Boot, £40

I love these as a simple and not so in your face take on the studded boot. The shape of these reminds me of the kind of shoe you would get to dress up a Bratz doll.. anyone else? Nevertheless I’m a fan of these boots.


KOBRA Embroidered Boot, £39

Another boot following the embroidery trend, but this one looks more subtle and oriental. It also has a satin finish, so it may not be entirely weather appropriate, but I think you get decent value for money with these, especially from Topshop.


BLOSSOM Embroidery Boot, £42

BLOSSOM Embroidered Boots, £42

Comparing this pair to the pair above, I gravitate towards this pair more. The colour of the embroidery is very Barbie-esque, and I love that. These also look to be more of a suede finish, so a bit more sturdy than the other Topshop ones. I also love the second pair pictured as they look like the Miss Selfridge ones that have been trending, but these ones are half the price.

HEART Leopard Flare Boots, £72

These boots are pretty expensive, but I get that the material is a bit more sophisticated to work with than standard leather or suede. If I was confident enough to invest in and wear a pair of leopard print boots then I would probably go for these ones, because the pattern is simple but effective and would look great paired with an all black outfit.

MINT Pointed Ankle Boot, £79

love the colour of these. I think these kind of neutrals for the Autumn are perfect, and this rust colour has a 70’s feel to it. The heel height isn’t too over the top so it would still be comfortable, and they’re real leather so over time they’ll have that nice lived in effect. They’re probably a bit too expensive for my liking, but pretty nonetheless.

AUBERGINE Perspex Heeled Boots, £82

I love the concept of these. You can get these boots in two colours, this taupe/grey shade and a metallic silver. If you wanted to go for the spacewoman chic vibe, then the silver ones would be perfect for you. I just like how the perspex heel on these isn’t clear but blue.

See you in the next one!

Taylor xoxo



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