Things I Bought: Holiday Edition

I wasn’t going to do a haul because I didn’t think I bought that much stuff. But looking at my bank balance and the stuff I now have all over my room.. I think I have enough for a substantial haul! Lets just jump straight into things.


I wandered over to the Urban Decay counter at Duty Free and ofcourse I was going to buy at least a couple of things. First thing I knew I wanted was a new Naked Skin concealer, and they only had one in the shade Fair Neutral so it was fate. You know how much I love this product so I don’t need to go on about it more!

Second thing I picked up was the Naked Skin Foundation. I was originally intending to pick up the All Nighter foundation (which I will try at some point) but they didn’t have it at the counter in the airport. I began swatching this one and I must say do not be intimidated by the colour of the foundation in the bottle. I got shade 1.0 and it looks so dark and orange in the bottle, but it swatches to my perfect shade.

The last thing I got from Urban Decay was the Moondust palette. I wasn’t remotely interested in this palette because normally with shimmer shades they don’t come off as a glitter pigment would, but when I saw how cute and compact this one was I had to try it. The shadows are really really good and I love the iridescence the shades have to them. I definitely don’t regret getting this one!

I then popped over to Smashbox where I wanted to see the new liquid lipsticks, but they didn’t have them. Instead I decided to go for the cult classic, the primer. I love the simplicity of the packaging and it’s a really decent size you get.

There wasn’t much in the drugstores in Menorca and I was quite disappointed that there weren’t more lower priced brands. I’ve been on the hunt for a translucent powder for setting my undereye area but I can’t find a cheaper alternative in Boots or Superdrug because there are none in stock! I was so relieved to find this one from Catrice. It’s exactly what I was looking for so I’m glad I got this one.


Continuing on the whole beauty part, I got two perfumes. I’m a loyal customer to my Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb and that will always be my favourite perfume, but I thought it was about time that I found another one to wear.

That new perfume came in the form of Paco Robanne Olympea. I won’t even attempt to describe the scent, but it does have vanilla and floral undertones to it.


I wasn’t intending to buy any clothes when I was over in Spain.. but ofcourse that was never going to be the case. I firstly got this lovely jacket from Mango. My favourite colour is yellow and I missed out on those Topshop raincoats so this is my alternative! It’s suede so it’s not waterproof in the slightest which may be a poor choice considering I live in Scotland and it rains a LOT. Nonetheless I’m sure I’ll get my wear out of it as much as I can before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Secondly we found my new favourite shop, Stradivarius. There I picked up quite a few things. Firstly, I got myself a new pair of sunglasses that I didn’t need in the slightest. I do have quite the sunglass obsession however and it’s not as if they’re designer so it doesn’t break the bank.

The second thing I got was this pretty body. It’s so simple but I was just drawn to it. I think it’ll be perfect for a night out or even dressed down during the day.

This next piece is one of my favourites because it gets me in the mood for Christmas. Don’t you think this will be perfect for party season? I certainly do!

I got a bralet to put under the top I showed above, simply because it is incredibly see through. I have a bit of a tummy on me at the moment but hopefully by Christmas season I’ll have more of the figure to wear this.

I think these chokers are my favourite thing I got from Stradivarius, simply because of the top one. I don’t normally reach for chokers because I thought they’d be a fad, but I like this one because it’s different. And the thick black one will look cool for going out.

And that’s all I have to show you guys! I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you in the next one..

Taylor xo


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