The Brushes That Make My Face

I always go on about makeup and beauty, but I feel like there isn’t enough focus on the tools you need to create the face. I had this idea to detail the brushes that make my face and the ones I can’t live without.

The first is not exactly a brush but it is something that I cannot do my makeup without. That is ofcourse the Beauty Blender. I have two blenders, one original pink and one nude blender. Both perform exactly the same as you would expect, and they do last really well (even though you should change them up frequently). I use this, as you can guess, for my foundation and for my concealer. It provides such a flawless base that I don’t think I could go back to using a brush.

This next one is a relatively new brush to my collection, as you would have saw in my latest Beauty Bay Haul. This brush is the Tapered Kabuki F86 brush by Sigma, and this has answered all my problems in regards to setting my under eye. The tapered point makes it so easy to get under my eye set and I couldn’t live without it now! The only downfall is that it is very expensive for a brush.

This brush is one I have had for years and I still use it. I got the Real Techniques brushes for my Christmas one year and one of those were the Powder Brush. At first I thought that this brush was way too big, but now I realise that that is exactly what I love about it, because it makes it so easy to powder your whole face. They aren’t too over priced either, which is always a plus.

Similar to the one above, this is an oldie but a goodie. I think the Real Techniques brushes are the best for beginners but even those who are more experienced with makeup because they are such a good quality for the price. I also think the brush sets are so good because they don’t have any brushes you wouldn’t use. I feel like I could do with a new blush brush, perhaps a smaller one, but this does the job just fine.

My contour brush is the one brush I always switch up. At the moment however, I’m using the Zoeva Luxe Face Paint brush, which is kind of rectangular rather than rounded. I switch this one up with the Real Techniques Contour Brush. I find you do have to wash this one a lot more often than other ones, perhaps because of the brush hairs, but if you don’t it makes your contour quite patchy.

The last brush that makes my face is my highlight brush, which is the Morphe M510. I’ve tried fan brushes for my highlight but I think I prefer this one so much more because it provides a soft highlight but also one that is quite precise. I’m not sure exactly what makes this brush so good, but if you haven’t tried it then definitely give it a go!

If you’d like to see the brushes that I cannot create an eye look without, then let me know and I’ll do that! There are definitely a lot more of those to talk about. Hope you enjoyed this one, and I’ll see you in the next one!

Taylor xo


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