Urban Decay Moondust Palette & 3 Looks!

I recently got my hand on the Urban Decay Moondust palette. You might have saw a lot of this on social media before the release of the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette, but I’ve only recently managed to get myself one! I was deliberating whether this would be worth it, because with the Naked palettes I’ve always been quite underwhelmed. The Naked palettes never had much pigment and I usually resorted to using my fingers, which isn’t ideal when you want to do precise eye looks.

However, I have to say that I was more than impressed when I swatched this with my fingers at duty free. There was so much pigment and the glitter in the shadows wasn’t too chunky so there is no need for any kind of glitter glue when you use these. I will say that you can’t really use these with a brush, or you can, but you won’t get the most out of the shadows themselves. You’re best to use these with your finger, or a damp brush. I’m always skeptical when using a damp brush because I feel like you ruin your shadow quicker than by using your finger. There’s nothing I hate more than when you get a film over your shadow and it ruins the pigment!

You get 8 shadows in this palette, and it retails for £35. I got mine in duty free for £22.95, and I guess the question is would I pay £35 for it? I’m on the fence. I do think the shadows are really good, and because they are more of a foiled finish I can understand why the shadows would cost more to make. However, £35 for 8 shadows is a lot.. I don’t have anything like them in my collection, but I do love the Makeup Geek foiled shadows too, and the price of those has went up to £8.50. So even though they aren’t exact dupes, it works out cheaper to get this palette than 8 of those shadows. I guess at the end of the day it’s personal preference and how much you’d be willing to spend.

One downfall I have with this palette is that you can’t simply have this palette. It is a lot more compact and easy to carry around than say a Vice palette or even a Naked palette, but it does mean you always need another one with you. I personally don’t mind this because I always end up taking more than one palette with me anyway. It’s also good for travelling because it has a good sized mirror in it too.

I have created three looks with this palette that I’m going to share with you in this post. They are really straightforward, mostly using only 3 or 4 shadows per look. The shadows in this palette speak for themselves and don’t need much help.

Look 1 

This first look is a simple one but probably the one that is the most wearable because it is using the sparkly brown shade called ‘Lithium’. For this look I used my beloved ABH Modern Renaissance palette, using the shades Raw Sienna and Realgar over a base of the Mac Painterly paint pot.After this, I decided to go in with the shade Cyprus Umber in the outer corner to darken things up a bit. This is my favourite shade for the outer corner because it blends so easily.

I then added the Lithium shade, concentrating near my inner corner and on the centre of the lid, being careful not to overlap the outer corner shade. To finish I simply added a touch of Vermeer to the inner corner and it’s as easy as that for the eyeshadow!

I decided this look would look a bit better rounded, so I kept it simple with just a stroke of eyeliner along the lash line. This is probably my go to look with this palette because it is so wearable and not in your face at all. I love the look of this glitter shade on my lids too as I feel it compliments my green eyes.

Look 2

For this look I used the shade ‘Lightyear’ all over the lid. In the outer corner I added a touch of ‘Vega’ which made it look extra mermaid-y and in real life it almost looks like a duochrome shadow.

Once again for the transition I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance, using shade Realgar lightly in the crease. In the inner corner I used shade Vermeer to give a little bit of  a highlight.


I debated whether to add a wing or not, but I went for a little one, nothing too dramatic. I’m not a lash girl for during the day normally, only on occasions when I don’t want to wear eyeliner.

Look 3

This last look is an easy one. I was planning on doing a warmer look with the red in this palette, but I’ve already posted a picture on Instagram of that look! This look uses the colour ‘Vega’. I once again took the ABH Modern Renaissance palette in shades Raw Sienna and Realgar to give it a bit of depth, and then pressing vega onto the lid. I don’t feel the need to build this colour up because it’s already so pigmented.

I decided to darken the outer edge using Cyprus Umber, but in hindsight I wish I had used a grey toned shadow so that it would match the cool toned blue. I don’t think it looks too bad, but next time I’ll give it a go. In the inner corner I used Vermeer once again.

This is such an easy look to create and I find this palette so easy to work with. I definitely recommend it!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and have given you a bit of inspiration for your Moondust palette. Please feel free to tag me on Instagram with the looks you create, I’m always looking for inspiration!

Taylor xo


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