Battle of the High Street Lashes

So although I don’t wear lashes on the daily, I am a cheapskate sometimes. This blog post is all about whether you need to spend £10+ on Instagram lashes or if the high street lashes do the job just fine. I headed to Boots to pick up some of the lashes I haven’t tried before (including Boots own) and tested them out over the course of a couple weeks. These are my results!

Boots Essentials 


Boots essentials, £2.99

I prefer a wispy lash and these were the closest I could find. I also like to keep it pretty natural so that the false-ness isn’t so in your face. For £2.99, I was impressed with these. They are a lovely shape and I didn’t feel the need to trim them. They stayed on all day, but I credit that to the Duo lash glue more than the lash itself. The band was pretty thin, which I didn’t expect, which made it even more inconspicuous.

My only qualm with these is you can so obviously tell that they are fake lashes. What I mean by that is if you’re up close, the hairs are not realistic and look quite plastic. I know you can’t expect mink from a £2.99 pair of lashes, but I just wouldn’t reach for these again for that reason.

Boots own brand, £4.49

I also have these Boots own brand lashes too, the more premium ones to the Essential range. You can tell just by looking at them that they are finer than the Essentials, but they both have that plastic-y look about them which I’m just not keen on.

Comparing these to the Essentials, they are incredibly similar. I do think that they have a better look about them than the Essentials which makes them more wearable, but I feel like if I had to get a pair of lashes, I would rather just pay an extra pound for a pair of Ardell or Eyelure lashes.

Kiss lashes, £6.75

The next lashes I tried were these lashes by the brand Kiss. I have never heard or really seen of this brand before, but their lashes looked really pretty. They are the most expensive ones out of the bunch that I got, but I think that for the price they are justified. I love how they already look as though they have been stacked, because I never have the patience to do it myself. For fake lashes they look really genuine and fluffy, just how your natural lashes do.

When I wore these I didn’t trim them, but I feel as though I should have done. I also felt as though they were a tad heavier on the eye than most of the other lashes mentioned, but the effect was really nice, and it could have been that I was just tired (more than likely).

Fleur de Force by Eyelure, £5.95

Eyelure I feel is everyones go to lash brand. I can see why, because they have so many collaborations and styles. These are just one of many Eyelure lashes I have in my collection and they are the Fleur de Force ones. I’m a big fan of this collaboration and especially like the 3/4 lashes.

I think over the years Eyelure have really improved the look of their lashes and the texture of the hairs to make them more realistic. The only downside to these are that the lash band can be quite thick depending on what style you go for, which isn’t a bad think but it can be hard to make look natural.

I do think that Eyelure will continue to be my go-to lash brand and I will always be intrigued as to what collabs are coming up and the new styles. It’s the lash brand I started with and I’ll definitely keep buying them!



Ardell Demi Wispies, £5.49

You can tell by the box that I have worn these ones before and these are actually the ones that I took on holiday with me. I find the Ardell lashes of all of them last the longest when you re-use them. I already know I like these lashes, because I feel as though they are the most fluttery and flattering for my eyes. The lash band is the perfect size for ease of application and to blend in with the lashes themselves, so no complaints on that side of things.

As for the look of the lashes themselves, I would probably say they are my second favourite of the ones I have mentioned here. I have to say I think the Kiss lashes have stolen my top spot for fake lashes now because they look so real. Not to say that the Ardell ones don’t, but I just prefer the Kiss ones.

I have missed a few such as the NYX and Collection lashes, but when I went into Boots they didn’t have either, which was a bit annoying. I feel as though the NYX ones would be quite impressive too so I’m quite disappointed!

That’s all for this blog post, I hope you enjoyed!

Taylor xo



2 thoughts on “Battle of the High Street Lashes

  1. Such a useful post as I’m trying to get into false lashes! I could never justify the price of mink ones, I literally feel like £10 on lashes makes me want to cry lol! I love Ardell lashes and I’ve been finding myself enjoying the accent lashes as they are only half length and give a more cat eye effect! I’ll have to give some of these a try! So so handy! xxx

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