My Go-To Makeup

I always go on about how much I rely on my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. Whenever I can’t be bothered to do my makeup, or I have no inspiration to create something particularly fancy, I always pull out this look from the archives. I feel it’s about time I started posting eye makeup looks, since I post quite a lot on my Instagram but I never post tutorials.

This look is not too in your face for daytime wear and it never goes out of style – I mean who doesn’t like a gold and brown smokey eye? It just goes. I added a bit of glitter on this occasion but in no means is it necessary!

I don’t want to repeat myself too much – but the face makeup is exactly the same as in my Autumn/Winter makeup look! I don’t tend to mix up my face makeup because I like to focus the attention to the eyes and have my fun there. Plus, when you find makeup that works for you, you don’t really want to change things up.

For the eyes, I used my favourite Modern Renaissance palette. The picture I’ve included in this post is when I first got my palette and it definitely looks more used now.


The shades I used for this eye look are:- Tempera all over the lid to set my eye primer (Mac Cosmetics Painterly Paint Pot).

In the crease I used Raw Sienna and Realgar to add depth and warmth.

In the outer corner I used Burnt Umber, my favourite shade for the outer corner. It blends so effortlessly with any eye look and any colour.

With my finger, I patted Primavera on the centre to inner part of my eyelid to add the sparkle.

On my innter corner, I took Vermeer to add a bit of pop, which brightened and opened up my eye.

That was all for eyeshadow, and I’d happily add mascara over this and be done with it. But normally, I’ll put a stroke of eyeliner along the lash line because I feel it makes my eyes look larger. It’s important to add your eyeliner before the glitter liner because if you don’t it can be a struggle to get a nice clean line over the glitter. The less glitter liner, the easier it is to remove too!

The glitter liner I used was the Collection one in shade 3 Funk. These liners are such a steal for the money and I think I’d choose these over the Urban Decay ones anyday. Glitter liners dry out so easy and you don’t want to be paying over £10 for one that’s not going to last, so £2.99 is a great price.

As for lips, I used my favourite Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick in shade Koko K with the corresponding lip liner.

That’s all for this look, I hope you enjoy! I love this look because I do it so often so I feel like I can create it in 20 minutes or less, perfect for days when I have work.

Taylor xo


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