New Favourite Primer Alert..

So you may be aware that I’m a bit of a primer junkie and I love to try new ones. Although this one isn’t new, it is raved about and I’m so happy to have finally tried it. I got this at duty free when I went on holiday and I can honestly say I haven’t reached for another primer since I got this one. This is, if you haven’t guessed, the Smashbox Photo Finish primer.

I really enjoy the size of this primer because I feel like you get a really decent amount. It’s not abnormally large, but it’s big enough and chunky enough to feel like you’re getting a lot for your money, which is always a good thing.

You can get this in two sizes, a travel size one and this 30ml version. The travel size is £12.50, whilst the larger of the two comes in at £26. If you, like me, enjoy primers then I can 100% recommend this one.

It also comes in many variations, some of which target specific problem areas on the face. I think if you’re after one with a twist, definitely speak to someone at the Smashbox counter because they’ll be able to give you some good advice on what one would suit you’re skin best.

My skin is pretty normal, so I just picked up the regular version, which I’m quite happy with and it works really well for me.

The texture of this is silicone based, as you can probably tell. This reminds me ever so slightly of the Body Shop’s Instablur, but a smoother version of that. It gives the same barrier like feeling as the Body Shop one, because of the silicone in it, but it’s not too heavy on the skin and I really feel it makes a difference when applying foundation.


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