Things I Bought: Topshop A/W

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So once again I couldn’t help myself and I bought more stuff I didn’t need. But great excuse for a haul post, right? The shop that robbed me of all my money was if you couldn’t guess, Topshop. I love Topshop because I think you really pay for quality and the price is justified by that. You get what you pay for and all that. Plus, I’m a huge fan of their jeans because they last forever.


Super Soft Scarf, £16

The first thing I saw was this grey scarf. I don’t know why but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been fantasizing about getting a grey cashmere scarf for my Christmas and the first time I walk into Topshop I see this one, exactly like the one I wanted. It isn’t cashmere, but the material is really soft and cosy. It is one of those scarfs that sheds and sticks to your clothing which isn’t ideal, but it isn’t that unbearable.

Grey goes with anything in my opinion and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this. It’s so cold in Edinburgh so I really needed a scarf up here with me. I stupidly didn’t pack any winter clothes when I was last home so that justified this purchase even more. I even looked at some jumpers, but Topshop’s knitwear hasn’t been floating my boat yet. There’s still time for them to come out with some, but as of yet I’ve not been too impressed.


Velvet Cross-Body Bag, £26

Secondly, I couldn’t resist this little bag. It doesn’t fit my giant purse but inside it does have those convenient little card slots so I don’t really need to take my purse as I just use the card slots and the pocket for coins.

It is made from velvet which is studded with these little gold studs and the chain is a really sturdy material too. It’s not uncomfortable on the shoulder, but I find it falls at an awkward length on my short body. It doesn’t deter me from wearing it, but I definitely think this will be reserved for nights and dinners out because you can’t fill it with junk like you tend to do throughout the daytime.


That’s all for the accessories I got, now onto the clothing! The first two are the same tops, but just in different colours. I saw this on SunbeamsJess’s YouTube channel and I really liked the look of them. Admittedly, they do look like you could DIY them, but I didn’t buy them just for the fact they look a bit torn up. The pictures don’t really show the distressing on them, but it’s very minimal anyway.

For a basic tee, the material on these are really, really nice. It’s definitely not one of those T-shirts you can see through, it’s got a bit of thickness about it. These are £12 each, and I’m more than happy to pay that for a good quality T-shirt because I live in something simple like this on my days off. I do love my Zara tees at £6 each, but for the colder months these are definitely a fave. I also sized up in these to give off a more oversized vibe, channeling my inner Kanye.


Ruffle Cold Shoulder Tee, £32

Next, I have this lovely little red top. Ever since I dyed my hair ginger, I’ve been obsessed with clashing colours with my hair because I think it looks cool. Plus, you shouldn’t be limited by the colour of your hair, just wear what you want! I saw a similar style top on Asos, but I couldn’t find it when I went to buy it. I couldn’t stop thinking about the style and colour and luckily Topshop had the answer. I especially went one day after work to get this top and I love it.

I’d say it’s ever so slightly cropped, which I don’t normally like because it cuts me off at a strange place and makes me look odd, but styled right you can get around that problem.


MOTO Mid Blue Jamie Jean, £40

The next purchase was a necessity, because I literally had no jeans other than my black ones. I already know I love the Topshop Jamie jeans, although my black ones are the Joni’s. I loved the denim wash that these are in because it’s kind of gradient effect and not just straight up blue (even though the picture makes it look that way).

There’s not much else to say about these, they are just a staple. At £40 they are a more expensive jean but I find that they last for over 2 years and that’s even with continuous wear. They don’t stretch out too much either. I love these paired with the red top above because it makes me feel like I should be in the Special K advert for some reason!


I got another pair of jeans from the Topshop Reclaim section. I saw these on their Instagram and then again when I was browsing the website. They didn’t have these in store and they were selling out pretty fast so I was lucky to get my size. They are in a more robust denim than the stretchy Jamie jeans, so I know I would have to go up a size to what I would normally. They aren’t technically a mom jean, but they sit more like them on me.

I especially love the detail on these. The way they have been made looks as if they have sewn two pairs of jeans together right down the middle, which is a cool take on the step hem. I love these, even though they are a very marmite purchase.

And that’s all for my little Topshop haul. Remember and click the pics to shop my haul too if there’s anything you like the look of!

Taylor xo


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