Futuristic Metallic Makeup Look

Hi, it’s me again, with another makeup look. This time I decided to use a colour in my crease rather than a neutral brown. This look was relatively easy to create, but I will admit I did use a lot of different palettes to get the colours I wanted, since I didn’t have one singular palette that had all the colours I needed in it.

The three (yes three) palettes I used for this look were the Nikkie Tutorials x Too Faced palette, the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette and the Urban Decay Moondust palette for the sparkle on the lid. I won’t bore you with the same face routine I always do, as well as my brows. Nothing really changes up on that front apart from the odd change of blush or highlight shade, but I’m still loyal to my Hourglass blush and my Mary Lou highlight. If you want to know how I do my face makeup, you can see my Autumn/Winter Makeup Look post or my Everyday Makeup Look.


To begin with, I put a base of Mac’s Painterly paint pot down, like I do at the beginning of any makeup look I do. Firstly I took Ivy from the Power of Makeup palette to set the paint pot I’d just laid down, so as to make sure that the shadows would blend nicely. Since I had the palette out, I took shade Painkiller in the crease and just above the crease so that the purple I was going to place in there would blend seamlessly and look really blown out. I unintentionally winged this shadow out a tad, but I like the look it gave.

Continuing with the Power of Makeup palette, I used shade Wham Bam in the crease for that pop of colour. I knew I wanted purple in the crease, and I considered using pink on the lids but I’m so glad I went with the silver/grey because it’s such a cool vibe.

For the lid itself, I took the Naked Smoky palette and placed shade Armor all over with my finger to get off the most pigment. For the inner and the outer corners, I used a combination of Password, Smoulder and Black Market because to be honest I couldn’t choose between them, and it seemed to work. Sometimes just going Yolo works out for the best.

In the Urban Decay Moondust palette, I used shade Graphite, once again using my finger to press that on top of Armor, concentrating it on the centre of the lid.

For the under eye, I just simply took Painkiller all under the eye. I contemplated putting some purple under there but I didn’t want it to be too much, and I’m not a fan of putting dark greys and blacks under the eye because I find on my eye shape it makes my eyes look smaller, so I kept it pretty neutral.

I didn’t want to add a think line of liner, so I took the Urban Decay 24/7 kohl type liner and smudged it along the lash line. On the inner corner, I decided to add some glitter liner from Collection. This is totally optional, and I’m not sure I would do this again if I were to recreate this look. The only thing left to do was to apply lashings of mascara (I used the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes) and if you like, some fake lashes. I feel this look would be enhanced with some lashes but like I’ve said before I just don’t find it practical for me personally.

As for the lips to complete this look, I used Koko K (again) because I loved the cool tone pink with the purple and cool tone eyes.

And that’s all for this look! Hopefully my descriptions weren’t too long winded and you could keep up!

Taylor xo


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