Yes To Haircare?!

I was really surprised when I was browsing for some new shampoo and conditioner to try to see that YesTo have haircare – did they always have this?! There wasn’t much choice left as YesTo is a popular brand, but they had both the shampoo and conditioner for Frizzy Hair, which I definitely have, especially when I leave my hair to dry naturally!

This is in the scent Blueberries, and it does smell slightly of blueberries, but it has more of a shea butter scent to it also. This is unsurprising when I turned over the bottle to find that it is one of the main ingredients, or scents, in this shampoo!

One thing I will mention is that the size of the tubes are very deceiving. It looks like you’re getting a good amount because the tubes are quite thick and long, but you only get 280ml in each, which is pretty standard.

The shampoo didn’t lather as much as I thought it would for its consistency. These haircare products are different to others I have ever tried, which is a good thing considering none in the past have cured my tendency to have extremely frizzy hair. The smell isn’t heavily perfumed but it does smell ‘natural’ to an extent (probably from the Kale extract), which is a great thing in the long run but I know the scent can put people off hair care. It did leave my hair feeling a lot cleaner, which is a shampoo’s main job, so overall I give this one a thumbs up, giving that the only bad thing could be the scent to some people.

The consistency of this conditioner is strange, because you think of conditioner to be creamy and conditioning. This one is relatively runny, but it does do a good job of conditioning the hair. I was surprised at how good a job this did. It did make a difference on the frizz front I feel, which is a big thing for me when I leave my hair to dry naturally because that is when my hair is at its frizz height.

Overall I am really impressed with this pairing. I don’t normally see a difference in my hair after the first use of a hair care product, especially shampoo and conditioner, so I am pleasantly surprised. Would I buy this again? Yes, I would, and I would be keen to try some of the other scents since this one didn’t really float my boat.

Have you tried YesTo haircare? Let me know in the comments!

Taylor xo


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