November Favourites 2016

It’s December, which means… CHRIIIIIISTMAAAAAS yay! I was contemplating doing Blogmas but I’m not sure if I’ll have that much content to post.. I’ll do my best for you guys though, but I have my exams in mid-December. I’m just going to jump straight into my favourites for this month.


Firstly I have to mention this bag. I haven’t shown it on my blog yet but I have posted it on my Instagram earlier in the month. It’s from River Island, and I first spotted it on the website quite a while ago. It retails at £80, and I thought that was way too much to pay for a bag like that, even though it is real leather. Long story short, I didn’t buy it, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. By the time I got round to ordering it, I couldn’t find it on the website at all and I was heartbroken.. I decided it was a case for Ebay and thankfully there were a few brand new ones on sale, so I didn’t miss out! Even better, this one was on sale for £45, which is nearly half the original price. I love this bag so much and I know it’s going to last me for years because it is such a timeless design. My main purpose for this is for taking to uni, because it fits my laptop perfectly.

My second fashion favourite is my new leopard print coat. Okay so here’s another story relating to this coat. At the beginning of the month New Look had a discount on their jackets and coats, and this coat was in it. Once again I was debating whether I needed it and by the time I decided I wanted it the coat was taken out of the offer (at the time it was £25) and it was back to being full price, even though the discount for all other coats was still running. I was so disappointed I could have got this for half the price I bought it for, but at least I got student discount! It was also a mission to find a size 12 and eventually I found one after visiting a New Look for the second time. My only qualm is that it’s a tad long for me so I really have to take it up. Other than that, I love it!

Next I have another bag as one of my favourites, but this one is a lot cheaper than the first one I mentioned! This one is a backpack from Primark. I really like the backpacks from Primark, they’re cheap and they last quite a long time. My last Primark backpack lasted me about 3 years before the faux leather began to rip around the straps, and I think this one looks a lot more sturdy. I love what it adds to a simple outfit.

For shoes, I have two loves for the month, and they are trainers. When I’m going back and forth to uni I’ll always reach for my basic black Chelsea boots from Topshop or my trainers. I’m always in a hurry so it makes more sense to put some comfy shoes on. The two pairs that I reach for most are my Nike Air Max Thea’s and these pretty pink leather H&M trainers I got earlier in the year.

Lastly for fashion, I discovered this new brand Willow and Paige on Asos. They don’t have a lot as far as products but the majority, if not all, are knitwear. There was quite a few bits I wanted to pick up, but I limited myself to just two bits. I got this cute cream jumper with this trim around the bottom as if it’s peplum. Secondly I got this jumper dress which looks as though you’ve put a jumper on top of a dress, which is cute because it looks like you’ve made the effort but you actually haven’t.


So for makeup I’ve kept it pretty basic and repetitive so I don’t have many new favourites. I do love my new Kylie Cosmetics Trick liquid lipstick, even though I’ve only wore it a couple of times. It’s just such a stunning shimmering deep forest green. This can come off patchy which is disappointing but it’s still a favourite just because of the colour itself.

Secondly I have some lip bits from NYX. I’ve been waiting so long for the Lip Lingerie’s to come into Boots in Edinburgh and finally they were there. I already love the Lip Lingerie formula and I knew I wanted more shades, and there wasn’t a lot of choice but I’m happy with the colours I got.

Even better, they had the Suedes, and I finally got my hands on ‘Little Denim Dress’. I’m surprised at how pigmented this was, and I’m also considering getting the navy shade too just because it’s a cool shade to have in your collection. If you couldn’t tell, I’m having a bit of a moment for bright and odd lip colours.

Another makeup favourite is more of a re-discovery. I’ve been using my Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow every day and it’s replaced my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette for this month. You have to go really careful with the blush shades in this palette because they are so pigmented but it’s better than being not pigmented enough!


This month I have some more exciting random favourites than last month. Firstly is a food favourite, and that is the Waitrose Katsu Curry mix. Across the road from Boots there is a Waitrose that I park in and after most shifts I have a wander around to see what I can get. I randomly saw this and I just love it so much. It’s £1 a sachet, and it’s totally worth it. I pair it with some sticky rice and that is my whole day made when this is for dinner.

I’m also obsessed with candles just now. Primark have surprised me with their range of candles and they give off such a nice scent for a really reasonable price. They also have little diffusers for £1, which also give of a subtle scent.

And that’s all for this month! I hope you’ll join me for blogmas for the whole of December, I have some fun posts lined up!

Taylor xo



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