Cheap Beauty Blender?!

I was browsing in Tiger as I do whenever I pass that shop, and although I was distracted by the amount of arts and crafts stuff they had and Christmas decorations, as I was going to the till I spotted these. They are essentially Beauty Blenders, as you may be able to gather from the picture. For the set of two, one regular size and one mini, it was £3. This is a fraction of the price of a real Beauty Blender so I had to give them a go!


‘Beauty Blender’ when wet

As you can tell, when I dampened this to give it a go, it swelled up so much it nearly covered my hand. I was really surprised at how much this grew in size, and comparing it to a regular Beauty Blender you can see what I mean by that.

It did feel strange applying my base makeup with such a large sponge, and I didn’t feel like it was quicker in getting the job done, which I assumed that that would be the case just by looking at it.

I didn’t want to base my opinion on this sponge on the first application either, as although I did feel like it sucked a lot of the foundation into the sponge itself rather than putting it on my face,  this is something that happens every time I clean my Beauty Blender too. I found that issue disappeared even after the first time using it.

I must admit, this sponge did perform better than I thought it would. I was able to get a perfectly blended base without any issues. I would use this one again, but I feel more comfortable using my Beauty Blender because it is a more manageable size. Do I think a Beauty Blender is necessary? No, but I do think it is the best all-rounder. Is this pack worth the money? Absolutely. For £3 you get two decent sponges that produce the same outcome as a Beauty Blender.

At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference and what you feel comfortable using. This would be great for beginners who want to test out the Beauty Blender style application before committing to a real one, or anyone on a budget. Overall I give this a thumbs up, and definitely give them a go if you’re ever passing Tiger.

Taylor xo




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