10 Christmas Jumpers You Would Actually Wear

So I know the point of a Christmas jumper is the majority of the time to be tacky, but sometimes we all want a bit more of a subtle Christmas approach to the jumper. I’ve managed to find some pretty festive jumpers that for the most part take the classier route to a Christmas jumper than the majority. There are some questionable ones, but I’ll leave those for you to decide.


First port of call was my beloved ASOS, and they didn’t disappoint. I think fairisle is a safe and subtle way to go for a wintery jumper and I know that H&M also do some great ones. Here are my top picks:

ASOS Retro Christmas Jumper, £22

ASOS Fair Isle Jumper, £25

Adolescent Clothing Christmas Jumper, £28

Brave Soul Gingie Jumper, £15


So Missguided so far have been borderline tacky with their jumpers but I did pick these ones out as some possibilities. I do love the red one with the 3D pom poms,  and I think that is probably my top pick for this post.

Reindeer Christmas Jumper, £20

Red With White Pompoms Jumper, £20


Warehouse always strikes me as such a classy brand. I think this would be the perfect jumper for yourself but also your mum, as its such a classic shape and style that really anyone of any age could pull it off. I think for Warehouse too, it is a pretty reasonable price.

Warehouse Holly Jumper, £36


I did expect more from Topshop when I visited their page but this is the only jumper that really stood out to me. I love the detail that has gone into making this jumper but I am a bit sceptical about the sleeves and the ribbing around the bottom. I can see this being a pretty fine knit, which for £65 I would expect it to be super cosy and well made.

Christmas Sequin Bauble Jumper, £65



Boohoo is another budget fashion brand that I visited on my Christmas jumper shopping travels. I found it pretty difficult to find anything that didn’t have a pun included, so these are the two that I scavenged from the pile. The bottom one is a crop jumper, which I don’t think I’ve seen in a Christmas jumper pattern before which I thought was pretty different. I also like the near off shoulder look to the Christmas pudding jumper.

Image result for plus lola xmas pudding jumper

Plus Lola Xmas Pudding Jumper, £15

Image result for sara snowflake bell sleeve jumper

Sara Snowflake Bell Sleeve Crop Jumper, £15

That’s all my picks for a classier Christmas jumper! I hope you could find something that tailored to your style a bit, even with those jumpers that almost pushed the boundary of tacky and stylish! At the end of the day, Christmas shouldn’t be about wearing your most stylish jumper, and the tackier the better, as long as you’re having fun!


Taylor xo


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