Top 10 Winter Lip Shades

So the colours that spring to mind when I think of the perfect winter lip shades are deep reds and dark shades. About 8/10 of these shades are dark shades, but I have tried to include a few lighter more daytime friendly colours to cater for the masses. In the bunch I have tried to include varying price ranges so that everyone can afford at least one!

First I’ll start with the drugstore and affordable lip shades. I think you can guess one lipstick that I just had to include, and that is the Rimmel Kate 107. This is possibly one of my favourite winter shades of all time and I love the matte formula. I find this to be quite drying on the lips after a days wear and it does tend to bobble on the lips after re-applying. It has a really pleasant smell but it doesn’t translate onto the lips, which is also a plus.

Secondly I have this one from Revlon called Black Cherry. I’ve had this one for years and I always pull it out in the winter time. It doesn’t dry matte, rather a creamy consistency and finish. I would recommend wearing a lip liner with this one because it does tend to feather as it is a creamy and moveable colour. Don’t be put off with how dark this is in the bullet, it goes on the lip as a beautiful deep red burgundy.

This next one is a Lip Bullet from Topshop. I love these little stick lipsticks and I always find that Topshop makeup is of such a nice quality. This one is a very dark purple in the shade ‘More Than a Woman’ (love the name). You can tell I’ve got my use out of this, and beware because it is a pretty messy product and the packaging is easily marked. That’s the only bad thing I have to say about this though, the consistency is nice, the colour is beautiful and the price point is fab.

I have two lip colours from Nyx, because I think that this brand is my favourite from the drugstore. The first is a Lip Lingerie (my favourite formula) in the shade Exotic. This is a lovely deep reddish pink which is perfect for everyday wear. It isn’t too in your face but it isn’t too nude for this time of year.

The second Nyx pick is quite an out there colour. But I figured if you’re going to go dark.. why not go dark blue? This is a liquid Suede in the shade Jet-Set and is the most perfect navy blue I’ve ever seen. I find this quite easy to wear to be honest, because it isn’t as in your face as you would first think. The formula of the Suede’s are also really good because although they take a while to dry down properly, they settle really nicely to a velour like look.

I have three Mac lipsticks that I had to include. I must admit I don’t reach for Mac lipsticks as much anymore because there are just so many other nice ones to try. Firstly I have Verve, which is a Satin finish. Satin lipsticks are my favourite from Mac because they aren’t as drying as the matte ones can be. This one is a lovely dark brown red. I love the way this translates on my skin tone and it just emulates autumn/winter completely.

Secondly I picked out a Frost, and this is in the colour Plum Dandy. I really love the Frost finishes from Mac and I wish they had more variety colour-wise, but this is a great choice. As you can imagine by the name, this is a true plum shade which is perfect for the season, but it has a golden shimmer to it. I find that you can wear this on its own or over a similarly coloured lipstick to make it more vibrant.

I was deliberating between including Sin, because I feel that is the shade that everyone tends to mention in their Autumn/Winter lip shades. I must admit that although I love Sin, I prefer the Ariana Grande Viva Glam lipstick, which I find is the lipstick form of the beloved Nightmoth lip liner. This is much more purple than Sin, which I love. I suppose you could compare it to the Topshop Lip Bullet I mentioned earlier. I don’t think you need the both of them, but the proceeds of the Mac one goes to charity so I couldn’t tell you not to buy it!

Lastly I have two Kylie Cosmetics liquid lip kit shades. I couldn’t not include these since they have changed my life this year in the way of lipstick. I decided to include Ginger, because it just reminds me of the colour of the leaves once they have fallen of the trees. How arty of me. But really, this is a lovely colour and I have wore it on my Instagram quite a lot over the past two months.

Last but not least, I had to include Love Bite. This is such a lovely deep plum shade that just screams winter. I love the colour of this because unlike some of the Kylie lip kits, this is not patchy in the slightest.

And that is the end of my top 10 Winter lip shades! Obviously you can wear these throughout the whole of the year, but these ones scream autumn/winter to me.

Taylor xo


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