Burgundy Palette Makeup Look


I’ve been using the Kylie Burgundy palette everyday since it arrived and there’s one look that I gravitate towards over and over again, so I thought I would share it with you all! I use a grand total of 5 shadows creating this look, so I already feel that the price of this palette is justified since I use over half the shades.With this look you use almost all of the shades in the palette.

Lets get into the look!


I always use the shade Naked all over the lid just as a base. I’d prefer to use something matte just to chuck all over but this is the closest in this palette. Next to that, I use the shade Beach mixed with Penny as a transition shade in the crease.

In the outer corner I used the shade Almond, which is one of my faves to put in the outer corner and I use it daily. With my finger I applied the shade L.A., which is such a lovely fiery golden orange and it looks much better when applied with your finger because it really brings out the pigment.


To add the burgundy in the crease I used the colour Burgundy (unsurprisingly) and just built it up, going back and forth with this colour and the combination of Beach and Penny. After a lot of blending, you should come up with something that looks a bit like this!

Under the eye I kept things pretty simple and just mimicked the crease shades. I then just added a stroke of liner on each eye and some mascara to finish the look off.


And that’s all! It looks like it would take some time to create but it really is so simple and nothing special. I cannot express how much I love this palette, so definitely if you can give it a shot!

Taylor xo


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