48 Hours in Rome

So as I have mentioned in a couple of posts, I went to Rome for literally less than 48 hours. I wanted to write a short post on my time there just so I have somewhere to put all the photos that I took and share my time there with you all.

We flew from Edinburgh at 7am on the Friday and the flight lasted nearly 3 and a half hours, which is certainly one of the longest flights I’ve ever been on. I really didn’t enjoy the flight and I can never really sleep on a plane so it was a lot of twiddling my thumbs and dozing off here and there but waking myself up when I realised I was dribbling.

The plan for getting there was to see as much and do as much as we could in the time we had. We stayed at the Pantheon Royal Suite which was literally on the doorstop of the Pantheon, so you couldn’t ask for better placement.

I felt like it was such a tourist destination and there was a lot of people trying to get you into their restaurant or sell you selfie sticks or tours, which I hate. If you can move past that, you can really see how beautiful it is. I loved how surprising it was when you’d walk down side streets and end up staring at the Trevi fountain or even the Pantheon, you just stumble upon these iconic places.

Having said that, if the lady in the hotel didn’t give us a map, we would have definitely got lost. It was so easy to lose where you were, and I know it adds to the adventure, but it just made me nervous!

My favourite thing was probably the food though. I thought the pizza was overrated but my god, the pasta, now that is something to write home about. And don’t get me started on the ice cream! I will dream of dark chocolate and pistachio ice cream for the rest of my life.

I’ve been there and done everything now so I wouldn’t go back, but if you have the chance I would highly recommend it.

Taylor xo


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