Is it worth it? Marc Jacobs Beauty


I picked up three bits from Marc Jacobs when I visited Sephora, and I was lucky enough to be there when there was 15% off the entire store, so it worked out a lot cheaper for me. Usually, Marc Jacobs Beauty is in a price range that is way too high for me to even consider, but because I’d saved I decided to try it, since it’s quite hard to get in the UK.

The three products I got were: The Remarcable Foundation, the Invisible Undercover Coconut Primer and the Glow Stick.

Lets start with the packaging. I love how high end it looks, there isn’t anything too out there that would suggest it is anything less than high end. The frosted glass bottles have some weight to them which adds to that, and I feel you get your moneys worth in that aspect.

As for the primer, it does feel more like a moisturising primer compared to a silicone based one such as the Smashbox one. This one is most comparable to the Too Faced Hangover X primer, however the scent is slightly less overpowering. You still get the smell of coconut, but not on the same degree. I don’t feel any difference when I apply this, it goes on like any other moisturising primer. There is no difference to the feel of my face other than it makes my face feel hydrated. I don’t think that this is a necessary item to have, but it doe pair perfectly with the Remarcable foundation.

The foundation shade I got was the lightest (unsurprisingly) called 01 Ivory Light and it matches perfectly with my skin tone. This is a VERY high coverage foundation and it will cover any imperfections to the point that you don’t even need a concealer. It doesn’t have a strong scent itself but it does remind me of a less scented Estee Lauder Double Wear. I enjoy the applicator as it is easy to chuck on your face and blend quickly.

This is one of the easiest foundations to blend I have ever used and it provides such a flawless base so effortlessly. The wear time is never ending. By the end of the day your base still looks as fresh as it was when you put it on, with only minor fading around the nose and chin, which is where I tend to fade first. This is the one product out of the three that I would suggest you go get, it is amazing if you’re a fan of a high coverage foundation.

Finally we have the Glow Stick. I tried to use this a variety of different ways, over foundation and under foundation, smearing on and dabbing on, but the only way I got the desired effect was when I put it on under my foundation and after I had applied my primer. It gave a lovely glow-from-within look that you could still see through the Remarcable foundation. I must admit that although it gave me a lovely finish, I don’t tend to reach for it because to me putting on highlight under foundation just isn’t practical. So for me, this is the one product I’d give a miss too.

And that’s my short and sweet round up of the Marc Jacobs Beauty products I tried. I’d love to try the mascara as the packaging for that is beautiful, but I’ll save that for another time.

Taylor xo


2 thoughts on “Is it worth it? Marc Jacobs Beauty

  1. I love the Marc Jacobs primer! It definitely is very similar to the hangover RX (water based & coconut). It’s actually pretty similar to the Laura Mercier hydrating primer as well! I think you’d like it and it’s way less expensive.

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