Sheet Face Masks: Do they work?

So after I got my hands on the Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet mask, it opened me up to a whole new world of face masks. I’ve never tried a sheet mask before this one and it’s just so easy and cuts out all of the mess that is involved in other masks. I honestly don’t like face masks that mean I have to get up and rub it of under running water, which shows my laziness, but with mud masks I can never get it off my face in one go and it’s just a lot of fuss.I have 4 different varieties to try, including the Garnier Moisture Bomb one. Along with that, I got the Boots own sheet mask, two Tony Moly ones and also the Sephora own brand ones.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask

I started with the Garnier Moisture Bomb mask. This was the first sheet mask I’d ever encountered and I was surprised at how moist it was in the packet. I peeled it out and unraveled it to find this massive moist toilette with holes for eyes, nose and mouth. I could’t fathom how it would fit onto my face but despite my skepticism, I went ahead. The eyes were fine but the rest of the face was so low. After I peeled off the plastic layer and folded it into place I was able to make it fit better and I wouldn’t let this put me off in the future. They have to be universal so I understand why it’s made like this.

It was comfortable to wear for 10-15 minutes and I did feel the cooling effects from the mask. When I removed it my face was pretty shiny and had a lot of moisture which I had to massage into my skin, and it soaked in so quickly. My skin felt tighter but also moisturised, so perfect. I loved this sheet mask and would definitely re-purchase this one.

Tony Moly Pomegranate and Aloe Masks

First I tried the Pomegranate mask and it was the same as the Moisture Bomb mask with the application. When I pulled this one out it was just a sheet mask on its own, but it was so wet. So wet in fact, that the moisture ran out of the packet, which wasn’t so good. This pomegranate mask was supposed to increase elasticity in the skin, which I feel would be better in older or more mature skin, but it doesn’t hurt to start early, does it? It also smelt really pleasant. You had to keep this one on for longer than the Garnier one, which after 20 minutes I started to feel quite irritated with it on my face. After taking this one off my face, I didn’t feel it as moisturising as the Garnier one. It did tighten my skin, but I didn’t enjoy the feeling as much as the previous one.

This Aloe one was predictably is much the same as the Pomegranate one but with a slightly different scent. I didn’t really feel any difference between the two although they are supposedly targeted at different things. Anything with moisture is something I gravitate to in the winter time because I hate having dry skin anywhere.
Boots Mask 

I really enjoy this one. The mask itself is pretty big, but the eye hole, nose hole and mouth hole is much bigger and so it makes it much more comfortable to wear. I don’t know if it was all in my mind, but I thought that this kind of stung my face a tad. It is still very cooling and hydrating, but anything that stings my face makes me nervous because my face goes red so easily! I found this one the most pleasantly moisturising, not to wet but not too oily. Overall I’m just happy that somewhere does sheet masks that are easy to find in the UK. I think this is a really decent mask and I think if you don’t have very sensitive skin then this will be a great choice for you.

Sephora Mask


I enjoyed this mask, but I did find that it performed much like the others mentioned in this post. For me personally, it was hard to get a hold of, so it’s not one I would rush back to get. The scent was pleasant  and it overwhelming, which is always a good thing, and much like the Boots one the face holes were easier to place!

If you can get a hold of this one, go for it, because they do leave your skin feeling really nice and refreshed and moisturised. I’m not sure how they perform in terms of targeting specific areas, but for sheet masks in general I feel you have to take it with a pinch of salt since different areas of your skin have different problems! 

And that’s all for this Blogmas post. I hope it helped! 

Taylor xo




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