Blogmas Takeover: Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Skincare

Hello Taylor’s readers! I’m just going to start by saying that I am HONOURED to be one of Taylor’s features for Blogmas and I hope you find this post useful!

I have been absolutely living for Boots’ Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range of products for almost a year now. I started with the Shine Control Daily Moisturiser and have just become obsessed with everything in this range from then. I used to suffer really badly with acne, especially on my chin and forehead, and as soon as I started using products from this range my face has cleared entirely! (Obviously I still break out here and there, but don’t we all?) I cannot begin to express how much I would recommend Tea Tree and Witch Hazel to people that suffer with spots.

The products I have so far are the Shine Control Daily Moisturiser, the Night Treatment Gel, the Cleansing and Toning Wipes and the Peel Off Face Mask. I’ve given a little review of each of these below:

Shine Control Daily Moisturiser £3.89

I use this moisturiser every morning before applying my makeup, it’s more of a gel than a cream and is extremely cooling. It’s got a really lovely, light consistency and dries quickly – not leaving you with a greasy finish like some moisturisers! I used to apply a primer after I used this, but I have found that this moisturiser can act as a base to your foundation on its own, which I think it a massive bonus!

Cleansing and Toning Wipes £3.49

These wipes are fresh scented and really gentle on your skin. I find that I can’t use some brands of face wipes because they leave my skin stinging, but these wipes have really been kind to my skin and I think that using the wipes along with everything else in this range really helps to keep the spots at bay.

Night Treatment Gel £2.99

For me, this is the holy grail of all the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel products. I use this every single night after taking my makeup off and it leaves my skin so clear and clean feeling in the morning. If I have a nasty spot appearing on my face in the evening, this gel calms the redness and the spot is basically gone by the time I’ve woken up! I really would go as far as calling it magic.

Peel Off Face Mask £2.99

I am SUCH a face mask fan. This mask has the same fresh scent as the rest of the range and is amazing at pulling away dead skin and nasty pores. I think it’s so much more cost-effective to go for a face mask in a tube like this, rather than one of the little sachets and this is the one that I always reach for.

In addition to these products, Boots also offers Nose/Facial Pore Strips, Concealer and Blemish Sticks, Cleansing and Toning Lotions, Facial/Body Scrubs and Washes and Spot Treatment Sticks all with this same formula! (They’ve also recently come out with Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal and Berry editions, which I can’t wait to try!) With all products coming in at under £6, they’re so reasonably priced and, in my opinion, so much better than a lot of the high end spot treatments.

That’s all from me! I hope you all have a merry, spot free Christmas!

Steph, xo


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