Blogmas Takeover: Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar


Recently it has been my 21st birthday (woo happy birthday to me). I was spoilt rotten by my sister who was kind enough to buy me the Charlotte Tilbury ‘World of Legendary Parties Holiday 2016’ Advent Calendar – mental note to buy her an amazing gift for her birthday! So I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to talk you guys through some of my favourite products inside it, where it can be bought from and my overall thoughts about the calendar.


Within the 12 days of Christmas box you receive:

  • Mini Magic Cream – worth £21
  • Mini Wonderglow – worth £14.40
  • Mini Multi Miracle Glow – worth £6.75
  • Mini Goddess Skin Clay Mask – worth £9
  • Mini Take It All Off Eye Makeup Remover – worth £4.80
  • Mini Supermodel Body – worth £11.25
  • Full Size Eyes to Mesmerise: Marie Antoinette – usually £22
  • Full Size K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick: Penelope Pink – usually £23
  • Full Size Colour Chameleon: Black Diamonds – usually £19
  • Full Size EXCLUSIVE Pocket Pout: Jessica Red – usually £16.50
  • Mini Legendary Lashes – worth around £12
  • Full Size Lip Lustre: Sweet Stiletto – usually £16.50

Get excited CT fans because you received all this for only £150!

After I explained that I was writing a blog about her gift, my sister told to me that she had originally attempted to buy it through the Selfridges website. However, when turning to the checkout, she found that they wanted her to pay an extra £5 for delivery, even though she was spending all that money on the product itself! Being the sensible, money-savvy girl she is, she decided to order it from the Charlotte Tilbury website itself. This worked out so much better, with free, very efficient delivery as well as some little freebies including tester perfumes and mini lipsticks (as if I didn’t have enough to try already!).

Now on to the good stuff, the products themselves…

To start with look at the gorgeous box that contains all the goodies! How beautiful is it?! The luxurious use of rose gold and pastel pink symbolises everything that is Charlotte Tilbury and her amazing taste in packaging design. Each product comes in its own custom drawer with its name etched on to its face and a stylish lady posing. I will 100% be keeping this box to store my bits and pieces. My only issue with the packaging is the lack of numbers for the drawers. To call it an advent calendar would be misleading, I would call it more of an amazing selection box which is equally as enjoyable.


On to drawer number one – Charlotte’s Magic Cream. This soft and silky formula sooths the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and moisturised. A little really does go a long way with this product and I am totally impressed how plumped and revitalised my skin feels due to this moisturiser, which is no surprise after researching the amazing ingredients that go into it. Definitely a must try ladies.


Now would it be a CT advent calendar without a few lipsticks? Well this one comes with 3 full sized lipsticks/ glosses (Charlotte you do know how to spoil us!). The first is the Penelope Pink K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick which in my opinion is the perfect nude shade. Its creamy formula is so easy to apply and leaves your lips super soft throughout the day. The perfect lipstick to take you from day to night. The next lipstick in the collection is the Jessica Red Pocket Pout, which is the ideal size to slip in your clutch bag to continue to have flawless lipstick throughout the evening. It’s super pigmented and soft. It’s a thumbs up from me. The final one is the Sweet Stiletto Lip Lustre lip gloss. Now, confession time, I’m not usually a lip gloss girl as they usually remind me of school discos and having sticky lips that your hairs sticks to in the wind. However, this lip gloss may have changed my whole outlook. Firstly it smells divine. Secondly it is super velvety in texture and the colour is really pigmented which completes a perfect day time look.


Last but certainly not least I’m going to discuss is the Legendary Lashes Mascara. I would go as far to say that it is my favourite product in the calendar. It promises to make eyelashes up to 13x more volumised in just three coats, and I would agree with that statement 1000%. The texture is thin enough that it doesn’t clump, yet thick enough to give eyelashes some bulk. It makes your lashes extend for days and the colour is super dark which makes your eyes pop. However, I do have to acknowledge that the product isn’t perfect, as it does have a tendency to smudge due to the oil in its formula, so do be careful! But overall I would say goodbye to the faff of applying false eyelashes and hello to this magic mascara.

I could go on and on about the entirety of this advent calendar but for now that’s all I can say. If you guys like this review I can always come back and tell you about the rest of the fabulous products hidden inside. Did you get a beauty advent calendar this year? Was it as good as this one?

Catch you later guys,

Max xoxox


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