Is it worth it? Jeffree Star Cosmetics


So now I have two of the liquid lipsticks and one of the Skinfrosts, I feel like I have come to a conclusion on my feelings towards Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I understand he is a controversial character on the internet, but it doesn’t put me off trying his makeup.


The two liquid lipsticks I have are in the shades Rose Matter and Mannequin. These are both kind of neutral shades depending on your skin tone. I love both of them, but I am surprised at how much I love Mannequin. After seeing the swatch videos of these, I thought that Rose Matter would be hands down my favourite, but Mannequin is the perfect nude bordering on rose.

As for the consistency, it doesn’t disappoint. I thought that the best liquid lipsticks I had tried were the Kylie Cosmetics ones, but I think I have to admit that the Jeffree Star ones are better. My reasoning for this is because they do not dry out your lips as much as the Kylie ones and it is easier to have these on your lips all day. And when I say all day, I mean that they will be there all day. The stay power of these are pretty amazing.

These are £16 each, so not the cheapest but they are more easily available to us in the UK than the Kylie Cosmetics ones.

As for the Skinfrost, if you swatched it with your finger you will feel how buttery this is and how pigmented they are. In the pan I can see how this would look intimidating because for a highlight it does look quite a dark purple. In fact, it comes of quite a silvery lilac, and the purple doesn’t translate overwhelmingly on the skin.

I love this shade and I’d love to try a couple more, because I feel they appear to be quite universal with the shade range. I was going to get Ice Cold when they released it on BeautyBay, but I stopped myself.. Maybe next time!

Overall I do think they are worth the money. They really are top quality products, and if you could see the size of the pan for the Skinfrosts, even I got a surprise. Have you tried any Jeffree Star Cosmetics?

Taylor xo


4 thoughts on “Is it worth it? Jeffree Star Cosmetics

  1. I always wanted to buy some JS Cosmetic but the shipping costs to germany are to expensive for just a single liquid lipstick, so i’m searching for honest reviews, and i’ve read a lot haha. But the reviews for “Mannequin” are always positive, so i just need a few more products and then the shipping costs are no problem. Thanks for the nice and honest (!) review. Greetings and a happy New Year


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