Things I Bought: Luxury Makeup Haul

With Christmas just passed, I ofcourse had to go a little shopping trip with my Christmas money and treat myself to some new makeup. I popped into Harvey Nics and visited some of the counters to pick up some new products to try (and two re-purchases).

This first purchase is one of my favourites. I’ve been dying to try more stuff of Laura Mercier. One of those products is the Silk Creme Oil Free foundation. This is a relatively new launch from Laura Mercier so there isn’t such a large shade range that they have for other formulations. My shade is in Rose Ivory, but I do think that this is a shade or two dark for me personally. The sales assistant offered the pink tinted moisturiser to me to mix together, but as this is already £35, I left that!

This is a (sort of) repurchase. I love and swear by the Mac Paint Pots to use as an eyeshadow base, and my usual one is Painterly. On the day I was in Harvey Nics, they didn’t have any Painterly in stock, so the assistant offered me Soft Ochre. This is definitely more yellow toned than Painterly, but it doesn’t really translate when its on your face. This was £16, and I think these are totally worth it because they last forever.

I finally got Kevyn Aucoin’s Sculpting Powder! This is in shade Light. This little pan cost £35 and it is a tiny amount that you get so I’m hoping that it is worth it. I find this to be warmer than I expected it to turn out, but it still looks like a nice contour powder, especially on my fair skin. I’ll let you know my thoughts in a later blog post once I’ve used it a couple more times.

The Ready, Set, Brow! by Benefit is another repurchase for me. I had used a little sample size that I had got from a magazine for quite a while and I knew I loved it, so I thought it was time to purchase a full size. This was £18.50 which I do think is a bit overpriced for a brow setting gel, but I know it will last me a while.

Admittedly, this buy was not from my trip to Harvey Nics (although I wish you could get Zoeva in store!). I bought this brush from Beauty Bay and it is the 224 Luxe Defined Crease brush. This was £9, and I think it is a little gem. I already own the Mac 221 crease brush and I use it daily, as I prefer a smaller crease brush to be more precise. I’m glad I found this one because I need more brushes of this size.

These next two are the same thing, but they are in two different shades (obviously). These are Caviar Stick Eye Colour’s by Laura Mercier (again). They retail at £23 each, which I do think is a bit of a high price tag again, but I can justify the price because they are really pretty and easy to shove on. The first shade is in Moonlight, which is my favourite out of the two.

The second one is in the shade Sandglow, which is the more gold of the two. You can literally chuck this on and a shade in the crease and that’s your eye makeup done for the day. So easy.

And that’s my haul! Again, I spent way too much money and now I am skint, but I promise in 2017 I will buy less makeup (hopefully, fingers crossed).

Taylor xo


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