Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review + Look

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Sweet Peach Palette the first time around, but I didn’t write a review on it because it sold out almost instantly. Now they’ve brought it back, I can finally write my thoughts on this palette and I’ve come up with a peachy look using this palette. I’ve had a long time to get a good grasp on what I think!

The shades in here, as the name would suggest, are very peachy and warm toned. Paired with those, there is a very strong scent of a fake peach smell, which follows the majority of Too Faced’s products which tend to have the smell of coconut or chocolate. I don’t think the smell is overpowering, but it is definitely noticeable.


As for shade range, I think there is a decent selection of colours in here to create a variety of different looks. I wouldn’t say it is the greatest palette that has been created, but there is enough to create both understated and out there looks. The formulation is really good and you get a great amount of pay off from both the matte and the shimmer shadows. As with the majority, if you want to get the best from the shimmer, I recommend that you use your finger or a wet brush.

I do have some go-to shades in this palette, a couple of which you can probably gather because I have hit pan on some! I love the nude shades which are perfect for setting your eyeshadow base such as White Peach and Peaches N Cream. I’m also close to hitting pan on Puree and Summer Yum, which I love in the crease. For the outer V I tend to reach for Charmed, I’m Sure, which is the darkest brown shade in this palette.

I would say this palette is worth having. I keep it with my palettes that I like to grab on the day to day, and I do reach for it quite  frequently when I want a pretty neutral eye look. It’s not my favourite palette and I would prefer the ABH Modern Renaissance, but I like this one in different ways.


Now onto the look! I kept it very true to the palette itself and went with a peach toned eye look. Something very simple and pretty matte. I used my favourite shades i this palette and attempted to wing out the shadow before adding a wing and some lashes.

I used Peaches N Cream as a base and went in with a combination of Puree and Summer Yum in the crease as a transition. I took quite a while doing this to make sure it was perfectly blended. I took these shades on the lower lash line as well just so the two matched.

In the outer corner I took Charmed, I’m Sure, which isn’t as deep a brown as what I would like but it is the darkest in this palette and it does add a degree of depth to the eye look. It makes it easier to subtly wing out the edge too, so I can forgive them for this!


The star of the show is obviously the peach shade, which is called Candied Peach. This has a very slight shimmer to it but it generally doesn’t translate when on the eye. It is very vibrant when you use your finger, which is how I got this colour on my lid on this look.

I paired this with the Charlotte Tilbury Super Cindy lipstick and I thought I would mention it because I think it pairs perfectly with the peach on the lid. I hope you enjoy this look as much as I do. It is so easy to do and I love the pairing between the palette and the lipstick. If you have this palette, let me know your thoughts on it!

Taylor xo


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