Spring Room Makeover for £100

I was in the flat on my own over January before Uni started again and the boredum led to me figuring out ways to keep myself from getting too bored. I was browsing ways that I can make my uni room more exciting (as most of you will know, us students rent so we can’t really make our selves too at home) in the little ways I can. I’ve always been a fan of H&M Home and they had a lot of lovely stuff on offer at the moment.

First thing I got was this lovely bedding from the Concious collection. It was £34.99 for the Double Set and I believe they only do this in the Double size. It’s so simple, black and white dots, but I love how fun and fresh it makes my room look. My previous colour scheme was mainly greys with a hint of yellow, because yellow is my favourite colour. I decided to change the colour scheme to something just as neutral, but this time the pop of colour being baby pink which makes it a little bit more girly.

I got 3 new cushions to decorate the bed, this long velvet finish cushion also from H&M Home and this was £6.99. The other two are the ones I really want to mention. I saw some Mongolian Lamb style cushions from West Elm which were priced (ridiculously) at £129 each (HOW MUCH?!). With a quick internet search I was able to find some that were pretty similar from Matalan at a fraction of the price. These are £8 each, which I think is great when you consider that you get the cushion cover and the cushion insides too.

This little metal tray is such a cute little thing for displaying stuff on. This again was from H&M Home and it was £14.99. I’m currently using it for my perfumes and I also have a candle on there, but I did intend it just to be used for perfume. I’m a novice at interiors and stuff like that, so I need to have a wee play around and see what looks good.

I’m a fan of all different types of metals and I love to mix them, so you won’t see a theme going on in my room when it comes to that. I used to have all my hair stuff in just a plain white Ikea storage bin, which wasn’t the worst thing to look at but it wasn’t the prettiest. This was £17.99 from H&M Home, which is a tad expensive for a metal bin, but I really like it. I think this is less of an eyesore and because it isn’t white your eye doesn’t go straight to what is kind of a mess. It fits everything hair related just nicely too.

This little box is £7.99 from H&M Home. My intention for this was for jewellery, but it is quite small so I don’t recommend it if you have quite a lot of bling. I did originally think it was going to be larger but I don’t keep a lot of jewellery anyway so it fits everything just nicely. It also forced me to have a clear out which I was quite thankful for as I don’t really fuss over accessories so I just hoard them.

This is technically a cheat, because it was gifted to me from my lovely Secret Santa, but even something as simple as a candle holder can really add something different to a room. I love the whole geometric trend and it’s rose gold, so it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

And that’s what I’ve done in my room recently. I really love the little things I’ve added, and I know I’ll be able to take these on to our next flat and hopefully my first home of my own! I can’t wait til I have my own place so I can really get into interiors because it is really fun!

Taylor xo


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