BeautyBlender Brand Review

I’ve used BeautyBlender for a long time now, but who knew that they would be celebrating their 15th birthday this year?! In terms of what I’ve tried, I’ve only tried the Beauty Blender itself and the Blender Cleanser.

This is my third Beauty Blender and I can totally say that these are worth the money. They retail at £16 each and you can find them online at Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay or in Boots or Space NK. It’s pretty common knowledge that these are the thing to be applying your makeup with, so I’m not surprised that these are so widely available in the UK now.

I have tried other sponges to put makeup on with and although they do the job, you can definitely tell the difference in application and the amount of product the sponge sucks in. I cannot recommend these enough and if you haven’t already tried one, then go get one right away! Keep an eye out for the special packs where you get a small Blender Cleanser solid along with your sponge too.

This Blender Cleanser is a new addition to my Beauty Blender collection. Along with the solid, you get a small silicone cleansing mat, which is perfect for making your brush cleaning a lot quicker and easier. I don’t find anything else cleans my BeautyBlender as deeply and as well as this Blender Cleanser.

I haven’t had this for too long but I reckon that this will last quite a while. I have countless brushes and I managed to clean them all without making a dent in the cleanser itself, so that is enough for me to think that this is also worth the money. This retails for £14 and you can get them from the same retailers as the Blender itself! e

Overall I am a big fan of BeautyBlender. Their products are top quality, and when you consider the price relative to the amount of use you get, I think it is fair. What are your thoughts on BeautyBlender?

Taylor xo


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