BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel Palette

When I got the email from BeautyBay to say that the Carli Bybel palette had launched in the UK, it was purchased there and then. I’ve followed Carli for a while now and she uses her palette quite frequently (and rightly so) so I wanted to give it a go myself, because I feel Carli is one of those YouTubers that you just trust. My only reservation with this is the brand. I also purchased the Shaaanxo palette from her BH Cosmetics collaboration and the shadows were okay, but more on the disappointing side.

When you open this palette up, you get a decent size mirror and 14 shadows/highlights. I love how much you get for your money (this cost me £18). The shadows inside are all pretty neutral, with the pops of purples and greens, which is perfect for someone like me who has green eyes. At first glance, I would say there are a couple of colours which look very similar to me, but they don’t translate in the swatches below.

I would say that the ratio between the mattes to shimmers is okay. You can easily create a full eye look just using this palette, which always makes doing your makeup a lot easier. As for the shadows themselves, they are waaaaay more buttery and pigmented than the Shaaanxo palette. In that particular palette it was the mattes I found the most disappointing, but in this palette I don’t have the same issue with them being too hard.

Lets move on to the swatches! I used my finger with a one-two swipe to apply these to my forearm, and you can see the results. Ofcourse you can always expect more pigment when using your fingers, but I tend to apply the shimmer shades with a mixing medium or my finger anyway to get the best from them. With a brush, the matte shades are extremely buildable.

Do watch out however – these do produce fallout, so powder your under-eye!

Just look at the dreamy highlight swatches! *insert heart-eyes emoji here* I love the inclusion of deeper highlights too, making it not just suitable for one skin tone.

I would love to recommend this palette to you guys, but I just checked the Beauty Bay website to grab an easy shop link and they don’t even have it on their website anymore! It sold out that day, and that doesn’t surprise me, but I thought they would have re-stocked by now! It is however still available on the BH Cosmetics website itself, who do ship to the UK if this is something you can’t live without.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this palette a solid 7. I do reach for it quite a lot, and the quality is there for the price. I do think there are shadows out there that you can access more easily than sourcing this one, but if you’re a makeup addict then I would say go for it.

Did you manage to get your hands on this palette? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Taylor xo


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